Protect your google docs files by converting them to pdf

If you are one of those who use Google tools, which are very well designed for everyday use, now we are going to talk about Google Docs. Therefore we are going to show you some options available to convert a document from Docs to PDF.

Google Docs is a word processor with support for extensions that is becoming more and more widespread among all users who have a Google account. For this reason, doubts often arise with the use of this processor. In this case, you most likely want to know how to convert your Google Docs file to PDF. It usually happens when we finish editing a file, and we want to send it by email, or upload it to a web page, among other options.

Download and save a Google Docs document as PDF

Docx is one of the most widely used text formats today, for this reason users tend to use it most of the time to edit their files and with which they acquire greater compatibility with most programs dedicated to this purpose. A very simple option, which will solve this problem for most users, is to “Download” this document directly as .pdf. If we have created this document, it is very likely that we still have it, or that, if we have not downloaded it yet, we will remain in it. For this reason, the first solution is to download it directly as .pdf, like this:

We go to the upper options bar, File> Download> PDF document

After this, we will have our PDF file with these simple steps. If for some reason we do not have our file saved in Google Docs because we have permanently deleted it, it may still be in the Drive trash, or because said file was not created by us, we have several alternatives.

Websites to convert from Docs to PDF

One of the options we have to convert documents from Docs to PDF is to use an online converter. In this way, it will not be necessary to download any software to do this, but we will do it directly from a web page.

Use Online-Converter

This alternative is widely used and recommended for minor file conversion. By this we mean that uploading any very important file or that contains important personal data to any web page is not recommended.

Although we have understood the previous step and accept this, we will proceed with the process. In this case we will use «» as it allows us to convert almost any text document to PDF. It analyzes the file in search of its format, and converts it when we click “Start conversion” without having to tell it anything else.

We can highlight from this website that it allows us to convert files through a URL, opening it from Dropbox and even from Drive. We can access the Online PDF Converter: Here

Convert Docs files to PDF with PDF24

On the Internet there are many proposals in the form of web applications that allow us to convert all types of files to PDF. As we say, this adds a security plus to that document, for example if it is text like those generated in Docs, in addition to increasing its professionalism in some sectors.

As in the previously exposed proposals, this is also the case of PDF24, a powerful online platform for these tasks. From this, its developers propose us multiple tools all related to this type of document in particular. Therefore, at this point, what we will do is, from this link, click on the left button, Convert to PDF.

From that moment, on the next screen, we will have the possibility to select the Google Docs file in question from our disk drives. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that we can also select these original text files, from cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive .

Take advantage of PDF2Go

Finally, we will talk about another powerful online service with these same characteristics that will be very helpful when it comes to obtaining PDfs from Docs. For this we only have to go to this link in order to access the PDF2Go platform.

In the same window that appears on the screen, through the Select file link, we can now specify the Docs file that we want to convert. Say that as in the previous case, here we can also upload directly from Google Drive or Dropbox .

Convert documents to PDF with SmallPDF

Next we will talk about another proposal of this type that will be very useful. Specifically, we refer to the alternative called SmallPDF, which is also one of the most popular websites when we talk about converting or doing work with a PDF. How could it be otherwise, it also offers us the possibility of converting other file formats to PDF, not just text documents as such. Among all these we find the possibility of being able to convert a PDF to Excel, for example.

But if we focus on what really interests us along these same lines, let’s see how we can achieve it. Therefore all we have to do is go to the Smallpdf website for these specific types of conversions. This is something that we can achieve just by clicking on this link .

Therefore, next all we have to do is choose the text file that we want to convert from our hard disk. We can also use this directly from Dropbox or Google Drive, so once uploaded to the site, converting the document to PDF will be done automatically.

Programs to convert from Docs to PDF

We can also find different programs with which to carry out file conversions, by installing software on our computer.

AVS Document Converter

This program is a highly recommended option to convert not only our Google Docs, but any other text document. It is a very complete program which allows us to convert documents from a large number of compatible formats to a large number of formats to choose from. In addition, it allows us to compress our files and send them directly by email.

This option is highly recommended, even for converting personal documents. We can always read the terms and conditions to make sure. If you want to use this program we have a download link below.

AVS Document Converter: Download here

NCH ​​Doxillion

This program is another great option that will allow us to convert documents with just one click. It has the ability to convert thousands of files at a time in batches. Just drag and drop any document that wants to be converted to get the job done in seconds. It is compatible with an immense number of file formats, so it is ideal to always have it available when we need to carry out any conversion. It has a free version available for non-commercial use only.

NCH ​​Doxillion : Download Here

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