Protect your children from the dangers of the internet with these parental control programs

In these times, computer equipment, whether desktop or mobile, is within the reach of most, including children. That is why when they use a Windows PC , we should take some precautions, for example through a parental control application.

For those of you who do not know what we are talking about, say that parental control software will help us to keep children under surveillance when they use the PC . They can be found with certain applications or be exposed to inappropriate content, something that we must avoid at all costs. That is why at the moment we have a good amount of software focused on parental control, which will make this task easier.

Reasons to use a parental control program

We must bear in mind, as many of you will know first-hand, that the smallest of the house are increasingly hooked on technology at younger ages. That is why the adults responsible for them, be they parents, teachers or others, have to control in some way what these minors do online. And it is that from the outset and by default, browsers and other programs to use the Internet, do not establish any filter regarding the content that is accessed.

We also know that on the Internet we can find everything from the most useful information to the strangest and most unpleasant content. Therefore, in most cases, we will not want these minors who access from a PC or a mobile phone to have access to anything without any control. Hence the reason for being precisely these parental control programs.

And it is that all this will help us to supervise the activity of the smallest without spending a single euro, something to which we are going to refer below. And it is necessary to bear in mind that the Internet, in addition to all kinds of applications and platforms, is available to anyone today. That is why we must be careful what our children access while they are using a Windows PC, so we are going to show you some proposals that will be very helpful.

Programs in Windows for parental control


This is a program of this type that has a free plan with certain restrictions that works for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and that you can download from here . Qustodio is one of the best proposals to control the activity of the little ones on the PC, since it offers all kinds of functions, especially in Premium mode. In addition, we can manage all of them remotely from any web browser. Among its functions, we can block unwanted content, control games and all kinds of applications, etc. At the same time it offers support to monitor the use of social networks .

Norton Online Family App Parental Control

In this case, we will talk about a solution of this type developed by one of the best-known PC security companies, Norton . We refer to the Norton Online Family App Parental Control solution that you can download from here and that allows us to monitor the activities of the smallest members of the family. The platform is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices and has several functions. The first thing we do is create the users and the level of control depending on their age . It also includes social media monitoring, usage time, email alerts, web content monitoring , etc.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Free

This is another proposal that belongs to another of the greats in the security sector such as Kaspersky. We are talking about Kaspersky Safe Kids Free, a solution that you can download from this link compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS-based computers. Saying that this program allows us to know what the little ones in the house are doing thanks to a series of reports provided by the software . Among the data that you provide us, we highlight the time of use of the device, the websites that have been visited, as well as the applications. It is clear that at the same time we can block access to certain inappropriate websites, and the same will happen with the applications that we do not want them to use.

Kidlogger Parental Control

Next we are going to talk about another parental control proposal for Windows and macOS that has been with us for some time. This is a solution that we can download from this link . Actually, what this free program proposes is to keep an eye on our child’s activities by providing records of types of use. In this way, what we are going to achieve is to monitor and restrict the time of use of both applications and the Internet, in addition to the devices as such.

Spyrix Free Keylogger Parental Control

In this case we will talk about other complete solutions to keep an eye on the actions of children on the PC. Specifically, we refer to a free parental control program that allows us to remotely control the activity of children on the device where it is installed. It should be noted that its interface presents information of all kinds related to the use of the PC. It also stores screenshots from time to time so that we can keep an eye on the little ones.

It is compatible with a multitude of platforms and computers, and for greater utility, the software can run in the background without being detected. In case you want to try Spyrix Free Keylogger Parental Control, you can do it from this link .


Here we are going to talk about a proposal of the same type, but focused on use from browsers such as Firefox and Chrome . In fact, it is an extension for both proposals designed to provide us with a multitude of blocking filters based on keywords, in addition to certain URLs . It also allows us to adjust the control of content, titles or Internet addresses to not allow access. We may establish alert notifications that detail the type of content of each blocked site.

If you want to download this extension for Firefox you can do it from this link, while for Google Chrome you will do it from here .

DNS Angel

And now we will talk about the proposal for parental control called DNS Angel, a free software that you can download from this link . Once downloaded, we will say that it works in Windows in a portable way and allows us to enable parental control with a single mouse click.

Specifically, what this proposal offers us is to configure different DNS servers for each of the users who make use of this specific PC. For all this, it presents us with a simple user interface in which we can configure a secure DNS server that blocks and filters inappropriate content. In addition, with this operation we will not have to configure or customize complex options, it is enough that we select the most appropriate filter for each case and user. To say that to achieve this, it has support for Norton DNS, Yandex Family or OpenDNS, all with the purpose of blocking adult, gaming, or violent content.

Windows 10 parental control

And to finish we are going to mention the proposal of this type that includes Windows 10 itself and which you can access from this link . It is evident that as it is a solution from Microsoft itself , it will be one of the easiest to use, although many prefer to use third-party solutions such as the ones we have shown you previously. Therefore, if you want to know in detail how Windows 10 Parental Control works , we recommend you take a look at the article in which we talk about all this in depth.

DNS with parental control: a quick and easy alternative

In addition to the previous programs, which will allow us to control our minors, if what concerns us are inappropriate web pages (adult content, gambling, violence, religion, etc.), another solution that we can resort to is to the use of DNS.

The DNS servers are responsible for resolving the domain names of the websites we visit in order to find out their IP and connect to them. In addition to the classic DNS, such as those of Google or Cloudflare, there are some domain name servers that act as filters.

For example, we can configure the OpenDNS FamilyShield DNS on our PC , which will allow us to automatically filter all the pages that are not considered suitable for minors:


Norton ConnectSafe is also another similar service that will allow us to be protected against this type of inappropriate content, so we can be sure that they do not access inappropriate content either by mistake or by their own will.


And of course we can’t forget about  DNS Family either . Like the previous ones, these servers allow us to filter all types of pages that are not appropriate so that all these inappropriate requests are blocked by default.


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