Prepare your driving license by taking free tests on these websites

Getting your driving license is one of those duties that we have to go through if we want to be able to enjoy our car. An exam that for many people has become a tough task, especially if it has to be combined with study or work. But behind are the times where you had to buy the book to take the tests in order to practice for the theoretical exam, because now it is something that we can do comfortably from our Internet browser.

The evolution of technology will also help us to practice for the theoretical exam of the driving license. Years ago it was common to spend hours in driving school, taking tests on their computers or even using a paper and pen buying books with multiple choice questions. This is something that, luckily for both our comfort and our pocket, is something that we have been able to put aside.

And it is that it is no longer necessary to go looking for free time to go to the driving school to take the tests, since there are a good number of pages that will allow us to take them online from anywhere we have a browser and an Internet connection. In addition, we will be able to check the answers manually, one by one, since most websites automatically tell us how many questions we have failed and which we have gotten right, so we will know if with the score obtained we would have passed or failed the exam . And all completely free of charge.

Given its great advantages, today we are going to check which are the best websites that we can use to perform tests in order to get the precious driving license. Good luck!

Best websites to take driving school tests

Gone are test books or photocopies of templates. Practicing the driving test today is very simple thanks to the Internet. On the web we can find a large number of websites and platforms where you can perform these tests and practice until you are ready. These are the best.

Onroad, the online driving school at the best price

If you want to approve the driving license quickly and do not want complications, then one of the platforms we can use is Onroad . This website is, broadly speaking, an online driving school. The advantages of Onroad compared to typical driving schools is that, by not being face-to-face, we save a lot of money, both in theory and in practice. We will also have free availability so that our study adapts to our time and personalized follow-up to know when we are ready.

Thanks to this online driving school we will be able to access more than 2000 driving school test questions, all of them always updated according to the regulations, so that we can practice or, if we prefer, learn them all to pass. The technique used is up to us.

We can access Onroad from this page .

DGT, take the tests from the official website

The page of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) allows us to practice taking tests for the theoretical exam online and free of charge. From it we can access a wide variety of tests ordered by months, with questions that have been falling in the exams. From the same page they insist that taking these tests is valid both for practicing and for recycling knowledge in the face of drivers who went through driving school a good number of years ago. Therefore we can do tests, correct our answersand be up to date with the knowledge necessary to circulate safely. Its main disadvantage is that it does not allow self-correction, but we will have to click on show answer within each question to check if we have been correct.

If you want to practice doing the official DGT tests for free, just go to their website ., complete website with 125 available exams

On this website we will find tests with official questions of the DGT exams, being updated to 2020. Currently there are 124 exams of 30 questions available, showing us once made the mistakes made and the date of completion, being able to commit up to a maximum of 3 mistakes to be able to approve it. We also have the option of registering for free to graphically control all our progress in the tests carried out so that we can check when we will be ready to take the exam. In addition, without also having in mind to obtain the A1 / A2 permits, we will also have tests type exams to practice.

You can take tests to get a free driving license from by clicking on this link .

Todotest, save your history and review the failed questions

On this website we will find all the tests that are being published by the DGT, which we can find by categories to be able to ask questions related to a single subject. We can also perform tests that are only composed of questions that we have previously failed thanks to their history, so it is a good way to review the aspects that we have less clear so that we do not fail on the key day, which is the exam. In addition, it also has video explanations of 13 different topics, for which we only need to register. In the event that we want to prepare other driving licenses (A1 / A2, C1 / C2, etc.) it also has all kinds of materials.

You can take up to 2500 tests for free at Todotest just by entering their website . It also offers some Premium packs with exclusive content to be able to get the theory out on our own, from 6.90 euros per month.

TestVial, ideal for deepening circulation knowledge

From this website we will be able to carry out an infinity of driving school tests for 2020, including your own answers and explanations at the moment . In this way we will not waste time correcting and looking for the correct solution to the tests we carry out. Most of the answers are justified so we will always know where we have failed in each question. We will also have a wide material on different subjectsas criteria of the theoretical or technical tests that will help us in our study. In addition, it has an intensive course organized by topics and a description of the maneuvers to be carried out in the skills and behavior control test in closed circuits. Of course, in addition to the type B card, we will also have everything you need to try other exams (A1 / A2, C1 / C2, etc).

TestVial is a free online driving school website, where we can perform all kinds of tests by clicking here ., more than 50 own exams and those of the DGT

This website has more than 50 different exams, both official from the DGT itself and carried out by the website itself, where we will find all kinds of questions from the manual, which becomes a good way to test all our knowledge, in the same way way than if we were in a driving school. The official DGT tests are made up of part of the official exams carried out, so they will also help us to get used to the style of the questions that they will ask us when we go to the exam. Along with the type B permit for the car, from this website we can also practice and take tests for other exams such as motorcycle, truck, etc.

You can take your tests at for free by clicking on this link .

Practicatest, review with 100 free multiple choice questions

With the help of this website we can prepare any driving license practicing with a wide variety of tests completely free. Not only does it have a test for car permits, but it also has others such as the A2, A1, CAP, trailers, etc. In this way we can rehearse for the official DGT exam with tests carried out with random questions or by topics. All the exams that we find on this website have been updated in 2020.

With the Basic plan this page offers a daily exam, 100 free questions, statistics and a summary syllabus. To do this, simply access your website . It also has additional payment plans with more features.

Carfy, perform up to 40 tests and correct your mistakes

From the Carfy website (specialized in finding new cars at a good price) we will have access to a total of 40 tests with 30 questions each, so that we can practice in order to obtain our driving license. We will have all the DGT tests for free and without registering . As in other similar pages, we can correct the results of each test to check if the answers we have given are correct or not.

You can access the Carfy website and practice doing tests by clicking on this link .

Inside Test, take up to 40 tests for free and without registration

Finally, we have a proposal for a fairly simple website , which will allow us to take up to 40 multiple choice exams for free without the need to register. It has a wide variety of permissions on which we can perform the tests. Beyond the type of B for the car, we can also use it to test for the license of mopeds, buses, trucks, etc.

To do a test using the Inside Test website, just click here .

What should we look for on a driving test website?

The number of pages to do these tests is immense. And to these websites we must add the large number of apps that we can find for Android and iOS that serve us for the same. However, we must be careful when choosing which program or website we want to practice with.

Traffic regulations tend to be updated often, and although many of these will remain the same, without changes, there are others that may change. Also, the test questions are constantly changing. For this reason, it is vital to make sure that the page we use is updated not only in standards, but in new questions.

The official page of the DGT, for example, is a safe bet. And if we want to try a different driving school, Onroad also brings us thousands of updated test questions for practical use.

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