Perform mathematical calculations with these scientific calculators

If we use our computer to work or study subjects with which to perform complex mathematical calculations, it is worth relying on a calculator that helps us with functions that go beyond performing basic operations of adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. For this we can use a scientific calculator directly on our computer and today we are going to tell you which ones are the best for Windows.

A good scientific calculator is a tool on our computer, it is a tool that can be of great help to us to carry out any type of trigonometry operation, statistics, among other types. A good way not to have to carry it to class or work is to have one on our computer with which to perform all kinds of calculations, such as the ones we are going to see below.

Best free scientific calculators

When choosing a scientific calculator with which to perform mathematical operations in Windows 10, it has a wide variety of free options, so that we can download the one that may interest us the most without having to drop a euro. In general, these options should be interesting enough for the vast majority of users.

Windows 10 Scientific Calculator

Windows 10 incorporates a desktop calculator utility among its applications by default . This application includes different calculation modes, such as a standard mode, a scientific mode, a programmer mode, and a date mode. Of all of them, the most popular is the scientific mode, which is aimed at users who want to perform more complex mathematical functions, such as trigonometry, exponents and logarithms. In general, this option can be quite useful and practical for a large majority of users, without the need to opt for third-party software.

To use the Windows 10 Calculator, just use the search engine at the bottom left and type “calculator.” Once it appears, from its menu we can open a list of modes from where we can choose the “Scientific” option.

Oficalc, powerful and complete

It is a fairly powerful and complete calculator with which to perform all kinds of calculations, from the simplest to the most complicated. We can choose three different types of interface, either in compact mode or with double display. It has arithmetic and exponential functions such as constants, power or exponents, square root, cube root, and nth root. It also has logarithmic, trigonometric and statistical functions.

Oficalc has a version for free personal use, with which we do not need to register or accept spams or other types of advertising, and can be downloaded from the developer’s website .

Calculatormatik, all kinds of calculators in one

This tool to perform mathematical operations has a wide variety of calculators and converters of angles, area, binary to number, body mass index, body surface area, Roman numerals, Ohm’s Law, among others. Additionally, it also has other tools such as a random password generator, a hexadecimal to ascii converter, a stopwatch, a byte converter, an equation solver and many more. All these features make it a tremendously useful application that can get us out of more than one trouble.

Calculatormatik is completely free software, and to obtain it we will only have to download it from its official website .

ESBCalc, includes all kinds of functions

This application is a free scientific calculator for Windows that includes all kinds of scientific functions (trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic, including Base 10, Base 12, among others). It also has memory or results history functions . In addition, we will have conversion between hexadecimal and decimal and between fractions and decimals.

ESBCalc can be downloaded for free from the developer’s website . It is a portable application so it does not require installation and can be used from an external drive.

HEXelon MAX, calculator with trading history

With this scientific calculator you have all the necessary tools to solve all kinds of mathematical operations such as trigonometry, statistics or algebra, allowing us to use up to three calculators at the same time. We can also add symbols from the keyboard, use angles and number systems, as well as convert currencies and units. Very useful is the presence of a history in which we can add operations with which we are going to work frequently, as well as the provision of five sets of keyboards that we can configure to have the most used functions always at hand.

If you want to try HEXelon MAX you can download it for free from its official website.

MaxCalc, modify and solve equations of any degree

This amazing application is a scientific calculator with which we can edit and solve all kinds of mathematical problems. It allows us to treat each variable individually, so we can modify and solve equations of any degree. In this way, it is not necessary that we have to solve the parts of the equation step by step, but we can complete the complete polynomial at once and then solve it, not taking a second to show all the results on the screen.

We can download MaxCalc for free from the Sourceforge page.

SpeedCrunch, with customizable syntax highlighting

It is a high precision scientific calculator that stands out for its user interface that we can control using the keyboard. This tool is in charge of displaying the results as we are writing them, although it also allows us to select a part to execute it. All the operations we carry out are saved in a drop-down history that we can easily retrieve. In addition, it has customizable syntax highlighting that will help us detect errors. If we prefer, a traditional calculator interface is also available

SpeedCruch is free and open source software under the GPL license, which we can download from its website .

Precise Calculator, perform all kinds of mathematical calculations

This scientific calculator allows you to solve all kinds of mathematical calculations, as well as different units of length, area, volume, mass, energy, time and power, among others. In addition, it allows you to save frequently used formulas and has an unlimited number of variables. The calculator will also allow us to write all kinds of results in a single log file and use its history to repeat the operations we use most frequently.

Precise Calculator is a free and open source scientific calculator for Windows that we can download from its website .

Best scientific calculators with payment options

In the event that the free options do not fully satisfy us, we can choose payment options. These options usually have a trial or free version that can help us to evaluate the product in the first instance. If later we want to take advantage of all the functions that they incorporate to obtain a more complete product.

RedCrab Calculator, portable and with more than 70 functions

It is a mathematical software with which to make algebraic formulas and the results can be shown in different numerical formats and in diagrams. It also allows you to insert images and texts. RedCrab Calculator is portable, requires no installation and can be used from any USB drive or CD on any Windows computer.

It has a free version for personal use that has around 70 functions of all kinds of calculations. We can download it from its official website, and for this we will have to register our email and in this way activate all its functions. It also has paid versions starting at $ 14.90 a year.

CalcTape, performs all kinds of mathematical processes

We are facing a calculator with which we can perform extensive and well-structured calculations. CalcTape is responsible for making visible all kinds of arithmetic processes, which can generate provisional results to later correct or change the numbers and operations. It will also allow us to save our calculations in files that we can open later to modify the calculations. In addition, we can use these files as templates so that we can perform similar calculations to play with different scenarios and operations.

CalcTape is a free calculator for private use that you can download from its website . It also has a Pro version that costs $ 6.95 that incorporates some improvements over the free version.

What calculator to use in Windows 10?

As we have seen, we have several calculator options to use in Windows 10. For a vast majority of cases, the option that the Microsoft operating system incorporates by default may be more than enough to solve mathematical problems. For those jobs that require more complicated functions, Oficalc can become the most interesting option, given the large number of functions it incorporates, both arithmetic, exponential and constant. In the event that no free option manages to satisfy our needs, we can opt for the payment options as the last option.

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