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It is possible that, today, we have a very busy day to day with many pending things to do that we should not forget. That is why it will be convenient for us to have an adequate organization that allows us to keep all our tasks up to date. To help us with this work we can use a free task manager such as Microsoft To Do, about which we are going to talk to you next.

Microsoft To Do is a simple application that was developed by Wunderlist and acquired by Microsoft in 2015. This tool is in charge of administering and managing all our pending tasks in an automated and intelligent way. This allows us to use it both for the domestic environment (shopping list, remembering important dates, etc.) and for professional use (date of work to be delivered, time of a meeting, etc.). With this we avoid depending on agendas or sticky notes that become a less practical option, as well as increasing our productivity and reducing our stress levels.

This free application allows us to have a personalized diary, where we can write our list of tasks, which we can classify by color. On it we can establish an expiration date or activate notices both periodically and only. It also allows us to attach files and integrates comfortably with Outlook where you can receive notifications. We can organize all tasks by types and in turn group them into groups of lists for better organization.

Through Microsoft To Do we can integrate our tasks with Microsoft Planner so that all those tasks related to a project that have been assigned to our user appear within the category of Assigned Tasks. As soon as the task has been completed, it will automatically be completed in Planner and the person in charge will be notified of its completion.

Microsoft To Do highlights

Once we execute the application, its main menu appears with a visually attractive interface. In the left column we see the different sections that compose it as “My day”, “Important”, “Planned”, “Assigned to you” and “Task”. Just below we will have the possibility to add “New list of tasks”.

Lists, tasks and reminders

The “My day” function, which is empty as soon as we open the application, will allow us to add all the tasks that we do not want to focus on, as well as add those that we have carried out in other categories, functioning as a temporary shortcut to our tasks usual. Once we write our task, we can activate a due date, activate a reminder and open a periodicity selector to choose when the task is repeated.

The application allows us to create an unlimited number of task lists where we can see all those tasks to be done in the day, which we can add within the “My day” section, add an attachment, expiration date and reminders, as well as delegate to other people. Once we have completed the task, simply mark the circle that appears to the left of it to leave it as completed . In the same way, we can also uncheck it in case we have not finished with it.

In the event that we have priority tasks, we can add them in the “Important” section. To do this, it will only be necessary to mark the star-shaped symbol that we find on the right side of the task. In the “Planned” section we can see our scheduled tasks, with their due date and the reminders that we have entered.

Configuration to our liking

If we click on our username we can access the “Settings” section, from where we can adapt the application to our liking . From here we can add a light, dark theme or use the system theme. It also allows us to manage the “Smart Lists”, being able to activate or deactivate the “Important”, “Planned”, “Completed”, “All” and “Assigned for you” lists, as well as automatically hide the smart lists that are empty. .

We can also manage Notifications, allowing you to activate or deactivate “Notices” and “Shared list activity”. As it is a multiplatform application, all our content will be synchronized automatically, although we can also press the “Synchronize” button to have everything synchronized instantly.


Microsoft To Do is a tool that can be extremely useful to all those who want to have a better organized life thanks to their lists, task organization and reminders. By being able to use it both from the computer and from the mobile, it allows all our content to be synchronized and we can receive notifications to the tasks we assign.

Download Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a task manager that is available for free and is cross-platform . This makes it available for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android and in an online version for the browser. To be able to access it, simply download the application from the Microsoft Store or access the official website and register with our Microsoft account.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Alternatives to Microsoft To Do

If we are looking for an application with which to administer and manage our list of tasks, we propose a couple of alternatives to consider.


This application is especially geared towards managing teamwork online. Through it we can organize our work routines, prioritizing the most important ones. It also allows us to generate appointment notices and has a notification system that will notify us of any changes that are made. In addition, it allows the use of labels for better organization. To use Trello as your task manager you will only have to register for free on its website .

Google Keep

This tool developed by Google has the possibility of both adding notes and creating to-do lists. In addition, you have a reminder option so that we cannot forget anything we write down again. We can write down each and every one of the tasks and mark as done once completed. In addition, it allows you to scan text using a photo or save voice notes. Google Keep is a free application that we can use just by accessing its website and registering with our Gmail account.

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