Never lose your personal google keep notes with this trick

The PC today can help us in a multitude of tasks, both related to work and leisure. We can create documents with Word, play games, edit photos with Photoshop, videoconference with Skype, or create notes with Google Keep .

Due to the powerful hardware that they mount, and all the software that we have at our fingertips, the possibilities are almost endless. Well, along these lines we want to focus on an application that helps us on a day-to-day basis. Specifically, we refer to the popular Google Keep used by users from all over the world. Thus, as is usual in these times, we lead quite a busy life.

Whether because of studies, work or everything together, we have many things to do and sometimes we forget because we are more organized. Yes, we have a lot of solutions in this regard that can help, such as the applications, and notes. This is the case that we are talking about here, Google Keep. This is a useful free tool that will be very helpful so that we never get anything else. Here we can comfortably save designated dates, websites, the shopping list or everything we can imagine.

What is Google Keep and how does it help

Therefore, as you can imagine after this, we are actually talking about an application with which to take notes. It is owned by the search giant and offers us everything we need to better organize ourselves in this regard. In addition, Google Keep has some additional functions that can be very useful on a day-to-day basis and for our organization .

And it is that in these times, taking notes both on the PC and on mobile devices, is one of the most practical features that we have to organize ourselves. Thus, for some years now, we no longer need to have a pen and paper at hand to take a note. There are several companies that help us in this that we tell you, including Google. With Keep we have a very practical note application that is also synchronized with various devices thanks to the cloud.

For this we only need a search giant account and a web browser. One of the best known proposals of this type for a long time is Evernote. But at the same time over time Keep has gradually gained millions of followers, among other things thanks to the fact that it is free.

How to export personal Google Keep notes on Windows

As we mentioned, something that we must bear in mind regarding this service that we are talking about, is that it works in the cloud. This means that we can work everything from here, but online . In most cases, this operating mode offers us a good number of advantages. In fact, work in the cloud is increasingly widespread in all types of sectors.

But it is also possible that in certain circumstances we may need to make a query about one of our Google Keep notes offline . With this, what we want to tell you is that it may be the case that we need to consult those notes that we have been saving over time, but without an Internet connection. It may also be the case that we only want to make a local backup of all those personal notes that we have been storing on the Google platform that we are talking about. This is something that will be of enormous use to us if, in the event of an accident or accidental deletion, we lose years of work in the form of annotations.

At this point, we will tell you that we have two ways to achieve this that we are commenting on, something that we are going to review below.

Backup via Google Takeout

In this way, here we are going to show you how to download all those notes and notes to our hard drive. This will give us the opportunity to consult all of this offline or to be able to store a backup copy in a safe place. To carry out this type of task, the first thing we will do is access the Takeout page of Google itself. This is something that we achieve from this same link, where we uncheck all the options that we find here from the Unmark all link.

Next, what we have to do is look for the Keep section among all the contents that we see here. When we find it, we activate it to download the data stored here and associated with our personal Google account. Then we click on Various formats to see which ones Google uses to make that copy that we are looking for here.

Save Notes from Keep via Google Docs

But that is not the only way we have to carry out the backup we are talking about here. And it is that another less known way to do this and that allows us to export Google Keep notes is to convert them into text documents . This is something that will also help us, since we can take that new document that we create anywhere or on any device.

To achieve this, once we have the Google Keep window on the screen, we can select all the notes through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. Next we go to the application menu that is represented by three vertical dots. Among the options that we find here, we have to select the Copy to Google documents.

What we should know when using this other alternative is that the section only applies to the notes that we have on the screen. Therefore, if we have other places in Keep with content of this type, we will have to move through all of them and do the same. Say that the documents that are created we will see them in Google Drive or Google Docs within our account.

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