Mute your pc’s microphone at the push of a button with micswitch

It is likely that, if we are users who just enjoy online games that support voice chats, we are used to hearing background noises coming from other users’ microphone that keep it on during the game. And it is that Windows does not offer us a simple way to silence and reactivate the microphone, so we must trust the functions offered by the applications or the games themselves. As an alternative, we can use an application like MicSwitch, about which we are going to talk today.

MicSwitch is a small and useful tool, open source and free for computers with Windows operating system. With it, we can mute or activate the microphone of our computer by means of a predefined hotkey for the entire system, which will affect any program that uses the microphone.

It also supports additional functions such as configurable sounds to mute or unmute the sound. In addition, it has a configurable overlay icon with support for transparency that appears on the screen to know its status at all times. Thanks to this, this program allows us to switch seamlessly between different chat applications and use the same input system, also having support for notifications.

In this way, instead of having to depend on the functionalities provided by voice chat applications and games, which generally only work in the same program. On the other hand, with MicSwitch we make sure that by pressing a key the microphone is muted or turned off.

MicSwitch, the solution to deactivate the microphone quickly

Once we run MicSwitch, a window with its main menu appears instantly, from where we can easily configure the application. Although it has a small drawback and that is that it is only available in English, so this can be a problem regarding its configuration for some users.

Regarding its configuration options, it should be noted that MicSwitch supports configurations for several microphones . To do this, we must click at the top, on the «Microphone» tab. When we press a drop-down menu will appear, where we can select all the microphones or one in particular if we have several connected, so it can be useful mainly for transmitters.

Just below the Microphone option we have the volume bar to configure it by means of a percentage of power between 0 and 100%. Next, we find the «Mute» key. If we have it off, the icon of a crossed-out microphone will appear on the screen, while if we have it activated, the microphone will appear in black. In this way we can know at all times the status of our microphone. Both when turning on and off the microphone we will hear a sound signal warning us of this. Another option that is provided in the preferences window is the ability to change the audio notifications that are played when you mute or unmute the microphone, from the “Notification” tab.

In the event that the microphone superimposed on the screen bothers us, we will have the option of activating it and deactivating it by means of the “Show overlay” option. It also offers us the possibility to configure the microphone icon both for when it is activated and when it is muted. In this way, it will only be necessary to click on the icon so that we can select any image from our computer. In the event that we do not like how it looks, we can return to the initial icons by clicking on «Reset icons».

Set one or two hotkeys

The program does not have default hotkeys configured the first time we run it. That is why we must configure one or two hot keys that function as global shortcuts with which we can mute or activate the microphone. We will do this from the «Hotkey» tab. It also supports two audio modes, push to talk and toggle, something that we can also configure from this window.

Finally, we can use the “Run at start” function so that the program is executed when the computer starts. The “Start Minimized” function, so that it is executed when starting directly in the system bar. Once the configuration is finished, we can close the window by pressing the X and the program will become active in the background, running on the system bar.

Download MicSwitch for free

MicSwitch is a completely free application that we can download from GitHub, completely safe and free of viruses or malware. It is compatible with the Windows operating system in its versions of Vista, 7, 8 and 10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. In order to be executed it is necessary that we install it on the system and it requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 for its use. The program starts automatically once installed and will check for updates. We must also bear in mind that the application is not configured to run automatically every time we start Windows, so we must activate it manually or configure this option from its own settings.

Alternatives to MicSwitch

If we are looking for a program that allows us to mute the microphone using hot keys, we propose a couple of alternatives to MicSwitch to take into account.


This simple application will help us to activate or deactivate the microphone of our computer through a simple keyboard shortcut. In addition, it has some useful features such as mute the microphone immediately when it starts up, as well as the ability to see  detected audio input devices on the screen . We can download MicMute for free from this link . 

Talk Toggle

This application offers us the possibility of assigning a hotkey with the power to quickly silence our microphone. Its interface is minimalist and easy to use, since it shows all its functions in its main window. We can assign the hotkeys that we want to be able to mute or activate the microphone. Talk Toggle is priced at 2.39 euros and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Closed Loop Labs

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