Let your children learn to read in an entertaining way on these websites

The usefulness of the Internet in these times is undoubted, an almost infinite world of websites of all kinds that we can visit. At the same time that we play or visit social networks, here we can also learn many things, all from the sofa at home, for example.

And with this we do not only refer to the news websites or informative blogs that we visit daily to inform them of almost everything. We refer to the courses and learning portals that are also at our disposal for whatever we need. In fact, along these same lines, we are going to focus on something basic for which the Internet can be very helpful, either for us or for those around us. Specifically, with all this we mean that online we will be able to learn to read in a fun way.

Whereas years ago this was something that we carried out through certain books and stories, now we have other avenues. And it is that these elements that we are talking about that have been with us for decades, today are not the only source of learning. This is largely thanks to the technology that we have at hand, where the web plays a very important role.

What should we take into account on a website to learn to read

In fact, among many other things, at this time the Internet can also be of help to us when learning to read from the PC . As you can imagine, in order to help us in these specific tasks, we are going to use certain specific websites for this. These have been designed in order to offer us all the means to learn to read in the most functional and even entertaining way. Of course they are valid for all types of users, from the youngest to adults.

Of course, there are several alternatives of this type that we can use at this time, so we must choose the one that interests us the most. For this, there are several elements or aspects that we must take into consideration. Thus, on the one hand we must take into account the content that we are going to find. These must be adapted to what we are looking for in this type of website for education . In addition, many of them are free, which will be appreciated in most cases. What’s more, if we find portals to learn to read with applications and games with which we can interact, all the better, so everything becomes more bearable.

Best websites to learn to read online

But let’s move on to what really interests us in this case, which is nothing more than the selection of websites that we have made to learn to read.

ABC tree, learn to read on the Internet with games

We start with these websites that we have talked about, with an interesting proposal that presents an entertaining and intuitive interface. It has several categories that are adapted to the different levels that we need for these tasks. In addition, once we have selected the category, we will find various games that will facilitate learning.

All this, as we say, with a pleasant interface specially designed for the little ones. But of course, all this can also benefit older people to learn to read. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of all this from this link .

Rainbow games, learn to read and much more

On the other hand, we find this other proposal that, in addition to learning to read, offers us many other courses. As is usual in these cases, it presents us with an attractive and entertaining user interface full of color . For all this that we discuss, the website presents elements such as stories to practice reading, alphabet soup, games to use vowels and consonants, and other entertaining elements to practice.

For example, we are going to find a game called little words, hangman, etc., all in order to practice with what we are learning little by little. In turn, it teaches us the basic principles of spelling and has some video tutorials. Access the official website from this link .

Primary world, discover how easy it is to learn

Here, as its own name suggests, we find a proposal that focuses on learning at various levels and with various themes . For this we have several well differentiated sections depending on the level we have of reading, for example. Thus, we can access a multitude of stories, tongue twisters, fables, riddles, etc.

As you can imagine, all this will be very helpful to us to practice what we are dealing with in these cases. You can thus learn to read from this link .

Cokitos, games to learn in a fun way

The first thing we find here is various levels of learning depending on the age of the person concerned. In addition, for all this, what this website offers us is a series of educational games related to a good number of fields to learn, including, of course, reading. At the same time, we must bear in mind that many of them are interactive, which makes these tasks even easier.

We must bear in mind that for the task we are talking about here, we can use word games, sudokus, upper and lower case games, etc. To take advantage of this, we can do it from here .

Vedoque, learn to read and math

We continue with Vedoque, an Internet page where we not only learn to read . It makes other subjects such as mathematics available to us to make it more functional. At the same time it adapts to different levels of the student and we find educational games to smooth learning. How could it be otherwise, we also find a language section to move forward when we get loose with the topic of reading.

It is also worth knowing that here we have a typing course to finally become literary professionals. You can access all of this from here .

Educlan, the website to learn from RTVE

As we say, this is a website that we find on the RTVE portal developed as part of a project to support children with study plans at home. Here we are going to find all kinds of learning courses, among which we see one for reading, which is what interests us in this case.

We find several categories separated by age and we will also see shortcuts to mobile applications specialized in learning, or educational games. You can access all these interesting content from this same link .

Happylearning, increase your knowledge in various fields

Next we find HappyLearning, a website created to reinforce knowledge of different subjects, including reading. Thus, when accessing this specific portal we find a good number of activities that come to us through different educational games and videos.

Among these we can highlight some of the type of word searches, memory tests, puzzles, completing words, language, etc. In addition, we also have other learning methods available to us for subjects such as geography, science or the arts. You can try all this that we tell you first hand from this link .

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