Improve your productivity and organize your studies with these programs

Being a student is a particularly sacrificial and sometimes undervalued job. A good organization is important for the year to be productive, so that we can make the most of the time we have. In this case, technology can be our great ally since we can have a wide range of programs that can help us organize our classes and studies , as well as be more focused.

That is why we can use different applications that can help us better manage our tasks, organize our time and projects, take notes and study for exams. In this way, making good use of it, it is possible for us to be more productive without falling into the chaos and stress of disorder and disorganization.

Agendas and calendars

Undoubtedly, they are two elements that have been used by students in paper format for years, but thanks to advances in technology, we can now enjoy them in digital, also having numerous advantages and obtaining greater control of everything we have pending to do in the face of our studies.

Todoist, your own school diary

This is a comprehensive application that will not be of much help during our academic year. It is like carrying our own school agenda at all times, which we can consult and add data such as class schedules. This program works in the cloud and is multiplatform, so that we can use it on Windows or on Android and iOS mobiles, with the data completely synchronized with each other. In addition, it has extensions for Firefox and Chrome. The application has a clean, simple and intuitive interface to use.

Todoist has a free version that we can download from its website and that allows us to manage up to 80 products. To get the most out of it, we can opt for its Premium version that costs 3 euros per month (annually) and that has additional functions such as reminders, labels and filters., the most popular agenda and calendar app

It is a web application that is one of the most popular in agendas and calendars and is ideal for the academic year. In it we can add notices that we want to receive so that they do not pass us, write down brief notes even with our voice, establish what our priorities are, etc. We can also access it both from our PC and from our mobile in a synchronized way to have everything available wherever we are. Its main drawback is that many of its options are too hidden so it is not easy to find it, something important when it comes to increasing our productivity. has a free version that we can choose by accessing its official website . It also has a Premium version with which to unlock its full potential. Its price is $ 5.99 for a month, although with better cheaper for months or year.

Mail and Calendar, useful and free

It is an application developed by Microsoft, which will help us to receive all notifications from our email. We will also be able to manage your schedule so that we can keep full control of our school year. It has compatibility with Office 365, Exchange,, Gmail, Yahoo !, and other accounts. It is therefore a simple and manageable tool ideal for all types of students. For its part, the calendar allows us to record all kinds of information such as the date of the exams or when we must deliver a work. Its main drawback is that if we want it to work properly we must keep it updated.

You can download the Mail and Calendar app for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

To organize ourselves and take notes

Keeping an order and organization is something vital that we must take with great care and care throughout the school year. To help us in this essential work we can make use of applications for organization and note taking.

Trello, manage and organize your school year

It is a project management application with which we can perfectly organize the entire school year. We will only have to create our project and enter notes using cards that can contain a list of tasks, images, attachments, color labels, etc., which can even be shared with other people. In addition, it has some small post-its on a digital board where we can add reminders or small notes that we use for our day to day. Of course, we can create recurring tasks and archive the tasksthat have been completed. Its main disadvantage is that the use of boards works against us when they grow and it does not have global labels, so each board must define each label.

Trello is a free web application that we can use by accessing its web page . It also has a paid version that has a cost of $ 10 per month, to be able to take full advantage of the functions of the application.

Notion, a whole Swiss army knife

This application can be considered as an authentic Swiss army knife with which we can organize our studies. With it we can create notes and documents, wikis, as well as manage all our projects and day-to-day tasks. It also has a multiplatform synchronization function in the cloud since it is compatible with Windows and Mac on computer and Android and iOS on mobile. With it we can import almost anything, such as Word documents, Evernote notes, Trello panels, etc., to be able to have everything perfectly organized. Its main problem is that it is somewhat complex, so to get the most out of it we must dedicate time.

Notion has a 100% free version for both students and teachers, for which it will only be necessary to register with a domain that corresponds to an educational institution. To start using it, just go to its official website .

Google Keep, much more than writing notes

This is a very popular application that will be of great help to us when taking notes, but which also has a series of extra functionalities that give it additional value and that will be of great use to us throughout the school year. It is compatible with OCR so we can scan text taking a photo from the mobile. It also allows you to create notes by voice or activate reminders so that nothing important is missed, such as the date of an exam. In addition, it allows assigning labels, so that we can better find our notes and have everything organized. As negative aspects, it should be noted that it does not allow importing images from the web, it does not store links well and we cannot work with it offline.

Google Keep is a free application and to be able to use it we will only have to access its website and register with our Gmail email account.

Concentration without distractions

Concentration is essential when it comes to being productive while studying, as it may not be easy for us to constantly keep our attention focused on books. Although there are no applications that work miracles in this regard, they can help us promote our concentration and relaxation.

Focus Booster, apply the Pomodoro technique

It is an application that puts into practice the Pomodoro technique, which consists of working in blocks of twenty-five minutes, establishing breaks in each block, so that we can make our study more productive, we can be more rested and it does not result lighter. The program is simple, since it will only show us a bar with a counter that when it reaches zero it will warn us to take a break.

Focus Booster has a free version that we can download from its website. With it we can track 20 sessions per month, see daily achievements and add text to sessions with labels. It also has a paid “Individual” and “Professional” version with additional functions.

Spaces FM, sounds to improve productivity

To be able to study more easily it is important to be relaxed and this web application can help us. With it we can listen to all kinds of sounds to relax, which we can use as background sound to help us concentrate on our studies without stress or distractions. To do this, use high-quality binaural sounds . These sounds are recorded with the use of two microphones, which generates a sensation of three-dimensional stereo sound, and it is advisable to listen to them with headphones. It allows you to listen to all kinds of environmental sounds or make mixtures between them (sounds of rain, water, wind, etc.).

Using Spaces FM is completely free, so you only have to enter their website.

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