How to use Dropbox to sync calendars on a Mac

Since 2007, the way we store documents on our devices has been revolutionized by the arrival of DropBox; the application designed with the Python program for the DropBox company that uses storage technology in the ‘cloud’

This service to save your data is multiplatform, since it can be used on Android and iOS, speaking of mobile operating systems ; as it is also available for Windows and Mac, giving the user access to all their files regardless of which device or devices they have.

Currently, DropBox has more than 500 million users around the world, and is available in Spanish, English, and seven other languages; including traditional Chinese and various plans according to the capabilities of each user, such as a free account that offers up to 16GB, a Pro account and one that is aimed at companies, with 1TB and 5TB respectively. Through this platform you can upload and share files with other users .

Since it has synchronization functions, which can be through a local network; they can also be through user selection. Choosing either folders with their respective subfolders, or files that you need to have on hand on more than one device; and the way to do it is very simple.

Before synchronizing the calendar, you must download and install the DropBox application for free, which will allow you to access it whenever you need it; and then, in ‘App Center’, the search function for applications and files of DropBox, which is located on the left in the sidebar, choose the application.

If it does not appear in the first instance, then you must type it in the search bar, so that you can link it easily. Another option that you can use, and without the need for other applications on your computer, is creating symbolic links to execute a synchronization.

blue dropbox folders

You must write the following in Terminal, in simple steps that will indicate where the almanac system is stored. The first is the command mv ~ / library / calendars ~ / Dropbox / and the second command that you must enter on your Mac, is In-s ~ / DropBox / Calendars / ~ / Library / Calendars, allowing them to be linked in this way .

You must repeat this process on each Mac where you want to see your almanac, since through these symbolic links; it will allow the operating system to know where to find what we are looking for; remember that when we use DropBox, it is as if we had several windows on the same computer.

In English, they are known as Symbolic Links, and they are simply the option that the operating system gives you to redirect a file; making DropBox able to identify it more easily and can show what you need on all your devices, such as iCal in this case.

dropbox pc options

For example, in the symbolic link we mentioned earlier, it is divided as follows: first, ‘In-s’ is the command that will grant the order to our computer, followed by the name and location:’ ~ / Dropbox / Calendars / ‘and finally, the file to be redirected:’ ~ / library / calendars’.

Other Calendars that can be Linked

Besides iCal, you can link the almanac from Google or Outlook, depending on which one you are more familiar with; And the simplest thing is that the same DropBox application will guide you in detail how to do it, since its complexity is low.

First, log in as we mentioned at the beginning of this article; in the application, and once there, go to settings, where you will click on linked applications; It will give you the opportunity to add the calendar of your preference, all this easily and quickly.

The use of file synchronization is secure and encrypted, and will allow you to have greater access and control over your events or reminders regardless of the calendar you prefer; as well as the use of symbolic links, since they do not need external applications.

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