How to download and install Discord on Ubuntu Linux step by step

Windows seems to have no rival. The most used operating system in the world, it maintains a huge advantage over other systems that, slowly and without pause, continue to work stealthily to, one day, take the place of the system designed by Microsoft.

One of these operating systems is Linux, which has as its main characteristic that its structure and operation can present very interesting and important optimizations thanks to the contribution of its developers, thanks to the fact that it is a free, open source operating system.

More and more programs are joining the world of video games

This is how Linux has been part of millions of users around the world. First of all, it was a web server widely used by some platforms such as Wikipedia, and little by little, different softwares have looked for a way to complement this very interesting operating system.

Of course, the video game sector could not be left out. Programs and games have been integrated into Linux for and, therefore, the gamer community has been growing more and more.

What is Discord?

And of course, when talking about the gamer community, it is impossible to mention the platforms and programs used by video game lovers to share with people from any other city or country. One of these shows is Discord, but what is Discord really ?


It is a platform through which users can share their tastes, experiences, recommendations and opinions about video games through a chat room or, thanks to the interesting tools offered by this platform, through video calls. .

Discord can be used directly from the web  or you can also download it on your smartphone, tablet or get the desktop version for your computer.

Create an account on Discord

One of the first steps you must take to use Discord, either directly from the web platform or from its desktop version for computers, is to create an account. For this, the steps to follow are very simple:

  1. Go to the Discord page.
  2. Click on log in and then on the “Sign up ” button .
  3. Indicate your email address, the username you want and the password.
  4. Check the box for the terms of services.
  5. Click continue and your account will be ready.

Download Discord for Ubuntu Linux

If you are one of that important community of people that has chosen to use Ubuntu Linux for the computer, you don’t have to worry, since Discord has been one of the excellent programs that has sought to integrate into this operating system.


  1. Enter the Discord download section.
  2. Locate and select the section that corresponds to Linux.
  3. You have two options for the download: deb and tar.gz.
  4. Since, in this case, it is Ubuntu Linux, you must select the deb option for the download.
  5. Click on “Download.”

Discord installation process

The next thing you should do is use the terminal to update your computer using the commands shown below (without the quotes):

  • “sudo apt update”
  • “sudo apte update –y”

The next command you will use is used to move the terminal to the directory corresponding to downloads to proceed with the installation of the program. In this sense, here is the step by step that will help you to specify the process:

  • Use the command ” cd ~ / Downloads “.
  • Proceed to use the ” dpkg ” command to install Discord on Ubuntu Linux with the following command: ” sudo dpkg -i discord – *. Deb
  • Wait a few minutes for the program installation process to finish on your computer.
  • Clever! You already have Discord on your computer.

Share with your friends or the great Discord community!

In this way, you already know how to download and install Discord on Ubuntu Linux step by step in a simple way. Now continue to enjoy the communication tools of this platform, either in its application or from the browser to share your experience and follow recommendations from your friends or people from anywhere in the world when playing. What are you waiting to register?

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