How to create a new own torrent file from utorrent

When talking about the popular files in torrent format, in the first instance many of us associate them with the controversial Internet piracy movement. However, you have to know that torrent, P2P networks and clients like uTorrent , are used for many other more legal and legal things.

Although everything related to piracy is the section that has been linked the most over the years to the use of these file formats, its real usefulness goes much further. Both at the business level, as in development environments or home users at a particular level, they use these P2P networks and torrent to download files . In fact, one of the objectives of all this is that Internet users can share large files in a more comfortable and secure way.

Precisely hence the widespread use that they have been made for the exchange of large video files belonging to movies and series. But with everything and with it and despite the bad reputation of torrent, there they continue and will continue, since as such these files do not violate any rule, it all depends on the use that is made of them later.

In fact, most of the clients focused on the treatment of these files, in addition to allowing us to exchange them with the rest of the world in the most effective way, they also allow us to create them. This is the case of the most widespread proposal in this sense, we refer to the free program, uTorrent. That is why in these same lines we are going to show you how easy it is to create our own personal torrent to share later. Thus, to carry out this task, the first thing we will do is open the uTorrent client in a conventional way.

Create your own torrent files with the uTorrent program

Once in the main interface, we access the “File” menu, but here, instead of clicking on the option “Add torrent” as usual, we do it in “Create new torrent”. It will be then when a new window appears where we must first specify the name that we are going to assign to the new torrent file.

At the same time we will have the opportunity to add to the torrent both a single independent file from “Add file”, and a complete folder in “Add directory”. Say that we have at our disposal other customizable options such as setting the file as private instead of public, encrypting it, or maintaining the same file order as the original folder.

The program we are talking about will also allow us to add personal comments to the new file, our social networks, or other similar or related torrents. Therefore, all this will give us the opportunity to share large amounts of our own information with others through P2P networks . Also, as we say, this may not be related at all to video or music piracy , as we have seen. To finish the process we will only have to click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the window.

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