How to convert dmg image to iso easily from windows

The DMG images are equivalent to the ISO images of Windows. These images usually contain programs or software for macOS, in addition to being those used by Apple to distribute its macOS operating system. If we copy them to a Mac system we will not have any problem working with them, however, Windows by default cannot read them, so if we have downloaded an image in this format, we will not be able to use it on our PC. Unless we convert it to another known format, such as ISO.

The ISO format is the most widely used for working with disc images. Windows 10 is capable of directly mounting and opening these types of images as if they were physical CDs or DVDs inserted in a reader. In addition, practically all programs are capable of opening and reading this format, so we can access our files wherever and whenever we want.

Therefore, if we have downloaded a DMG image (for example, the latest version of macOS) and we want to use it on Windows, the best we can do is convert it to ISO format. Here we explain how to do it without using a Mac.

Differences between DMG and ISO

Broadly speaking, both file formats are the same. That is, they are copies of the data on a CD or DVD so that we can mount it in a virtual drive (simulating that the disc is inserted into the PC) or record it, as is, to another drive. But if we analyze both formats at a lower level, we can find several differences.

The ISO images use a file system ISO 9660, an optimized standard, especially to access files on slower drives. Among its limitations we can find, for example, that it does not allow writing, and that, by using the DOS 8.3 standard, we can only create 8-level directory trees, nothing more.

On the other hand, DMG images use the Universal Disk Image standard , widely used, especially in hard disk partitions. The problem is that Apple has chosen it as the star format for the images of its operating system, and Windows does not read it as standard. DMG images must be mounted in order to access them, and we can both read and write data.

How to convert a DMG file to ISO

Not all programs are capable of reading DMG in Windows, so if we do not use the correct tool we will not be able to carry out this conversion. We are going to talk about two specific applications that offer very good results when converting from one format to another.

Convert DMG to ISO with dmg2img

The first one, for users who don’t mind using CMD, is dmg2img.

This application is designed to be used by means of commands and allows us, with a single line, to convert any DMG image to ISO . To do this, the first thing we will do is download the latest available version, which we can find at the following link, and unzip it in the same folder where we have the DMG image.

Once this is done, we simply open CMD, move to the directory where we have the DMG image and the dmg2img program, and execute the following command (changing “example” to the name of the corresponding image):

dmg2img example.dmg example.iso

When the process is finished we will have a new ISO image ready to be used in Windows.

Stop a DMG image to ISO with AnyBurn

Another of the best applications to carry out this task is AnyBurn. This application is well known for being a complete and simple disc recorder, but among its main functions is the possibility of converting images to different formats.

To use this application, the first thing we will do is download the latest version from the following link and install it on our computer. The application is free and also does not have any kind of unwanted software.

Once installed we execute it. The main interface of the program consists of several buttons. The one that interests us is «Convert image file format».

We select this option and we can see a simple menu where we must choose the DMG file that we want to convert, the output file and what format to convert it to.

Click on «Convert Now» and the program will begin to perform its task. The process may take several minutes, so we will wait until it is finished.

When the program finishes, in the directory that we have chosen we can find the new ISO image. And this image can be used in Windows without problems.

Problems? Find the image in ISO format

Converting a DMG image to ISO does not always go well. Given Apple’s format limitations, it is very likely that something will go wrong in the conversion process and, although the program tells us that it has been converted successfully, when we save or mount it, we will find that it is impossible.

We can try again with another program, and we will still have a 50% probability that it will succeed, or that it will fail. For this reason, it is much more advisable to spend the time looking for the program, system or disk that is in ISO format, or in any other more compatible format. Even if someone has sent it to us, we can ask them to send it to us already converted to another format, since it will be much easier for us to work with it, especially in Windows.

If we have no choice but to work with the DMG, then we can try to mount a virtual machine with macOS and extract the files from the image. We pass them to Windows and we will be able to access them.

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