Forget the paper and the pen! Take notes in class with thess programs

When it comes to taking notes in class, the usual thing has always been with a paper and a pen, something that can be quite tiring and difficult to organize later. In the middle of a class we may run out of ink, we may not have enough paper, or we may not know how to write fast enough. Then organizing papers and folders can be a hassle. For this reason and thanks to technology we can use our computer to take notes in class.

Taking notes from our PC can become fundamental, as there are tools that allow us to have everything well organized, with a very attractive interface visually, being able to add beautiful titles and different colors for a more comfortable viewing and without the fear that nothing will be could lose, being everything within the same application.

Take your notes easily with the help of these programs

Today we are going to see different programs for Windows with which to take notes and have everything organized for a more efficient study. Many of them are free.

OneNote, Microsoft’s option for taking notes

This note-taking application is incorporated into the Microsoft Office suite. With it we can create text documents using a keyboard or by digitizing the text we write by hand, something we can do naturally if our computer has a touch screen. In addition, it allows us to make drawings and diagrams to have very complete notes. We can have all our notes well organized by sections, since we can add labels, links, list and images. In addition, it allows several users to edit and modify any content that we have taken, making it ideal to be able to create subject notes between several students in the same document.

OneNote belongs to Microsoft Office so to be able to use it it will be necessary to pay its license. It also has a web version that we can access from our browser by clicking on this link .

Simplenote, the most popular and cross-platform option

This can be considered one of the best options for taking notes in class, since it is a free and multiplatform application. In this way we can take our notes from our computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or from our mobile device or tablet with Android or iOS. Likewise, we can synchronize all our content between them, which is a decisive advantage to have our notes organized and available anywhere. We can organize our notes by labels, which will be useful to us to organize it by different subjects and has a search engine so that we can locate it quickly. In addition, it allows us to share all our documents with other users so that we can share the notes with other colleagues.

Simplenote is a free and open source application that we can download directly from its website.

Evernote, take freehand notes and scan documents

Possibly one of the most popular note-taking applications for taking notes, since we can easily organize all our courses and assignments, finding what we are looking for quickly. We can use this useful tool as a digital filing cabinet where we can save our tasks creating notebooks separated by classes. It also allows us to write freehand and use its OCR technology with which we can edit all kinds of documents that we scan. Another important function is its ability to make recordings, so we can use them for classes or group discussions. In addition, we can add notes to our PDFs and highlight the most important sections of our study plan and assignments.

We can download Evernote for free from its official website . With the Basic Plan we will obtain a maximum of 60 megabytes for monthly uploads and a maximum size of each note of 25 MB, being able to synchronize between two devices. If we wish, it also has different price plans to make the most of all its features from 3 euros per month.

MetaMoJi Note Lite, extremely complete that you must try

It is a multiplatform notepad that can be very useful for students as it incorporates PDF annotation tools and a digital notepad where you can take notes. It has advanced handwriting recognition, text conversion or the ability to annotate downloaded PDF documents. It can be considered as a blackboard, similar to the one we can find in class, but virtual. In it we can draw, make annotations and tasks, etc. It also allows voice recordings and document synchronizationautomatically with MetaMoji Cloud, your cloud service that allows us to save and manage documents for free with up to 2 GB. In addition, we can share our documents by email, or upload them directly to our social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

If we want to use MetaMoji Note Lite to take our notes and organize our tasks, we can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: MetaMoJi Corporation

NixNote, take notes and organize them using labels

We have a free and open source application that can be very useful for taking notes in class. We can organize all the documents that we create using labels, so we can assign one for each subject. It also has the possibility of adding images to our notes in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP formats, which will help us to provide better content. It also allows the possibility of searching and underlining words in a PDF document which can be very useful when studying with our notes. In addition, it has synchronization with Evernote, so we can always have all our notes available.

NixNote is a completely free program that we can download from its website .

NoteLedge, a complete digital notebook for our notes

To take or manage our notes in class we can also opt for this interesting digital notebook application. The first thing that stands out is for being multiplatform, something ideal to be able to share and synchronize content between computers (Windows and Mac) and mobiles or tablets (Android and iOS). It has all kinds of tools that will allow us to write text with various fonts and colors, take notes and record audio simultaneously, insert photos and videos, as well as organize our content with drag, drop and layers. In addition, we can export our documents with multimedia content in PDF, and share them through our social networks.

NoteLedge is a free program that we can download from the Microsoft Store. It also has premium paid features that we can use from $ 2.99 per month.

Laverna, minimalist alternative to take notes

It is an application that little by little has become more popular and that can be of great help to us to take notes and keep them organized. It offers full compatibility with MarkDown, which allows us to create documents, import them, export them and create shortcuts to the line of code. It also has Dropbox compatibility so we can add all our content. Laverna is multiplatform so we can synchronize our content between the computer and the mobile in a comfortable way.

If we want to use Laverna to make notes, we can download it from the developer’s website .

Nebo, an ideal choice for science students

Another great option to have a program with which you can take notes and have them perfectly organized . It is compatible with Windows and also allows you to use it and synchronize our content on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. It is compatible with touch screens so we can write freehand or make diagrams, drawings, underline … we will even have math recognition and allow us to calculate equations. Its possibilities are multiple and we can convert all our notes into DOC or PDF .

The main disadvantage of Nebo is that it is an application that we will only have available by paying 9.99 euros, being able to make the purchase from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: MyScript

What note-taking app should we use?

As we can see, we have very good applications with which to take notes in order to have a better organization and planning of our studies. One of the applications that we must try is Simplenote, since it is not only free but we can also access it from different devices, given its wide compatibility. We can take notes with our computer and later view or edit them from the mobile or tablet. This together with its organization by labels, and the possibility of sharing documents with other users makes it a very valid option for any student.

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