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Email has become a fundamental element of our day to day. And it is that in our email account we can receive a good amount of mail every day either for work, promotions or information of interest web, so surely we will use an email manager that helps us both to manage our emails as the contacts we have added.

And it is that the address book of our email manager is an elementary of our email account where we have added the addresses of both personal and professional contacts. That is why, if we ever lose the contacts we had in our email, it can be tedious to get it back.

That is why mail managers such as Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbid or Mailbird, offer us the possibility of exporting our contact book . In this way we can always have a backup copy of them available or to import them to other post managers.

Save contact book in Outlook

Outlook is one of the most popular email managers, where we can have a large number of contacts saved. In case we want to save or export the contact book we can do it easily. When exporting contacts from Outlook, they will be saved in a CSV file or otherwise a copy of the contacts. We can use this file to import the contacts to another email account.

To save our contacts, the first thing to do is open the Outlook application from our PC, choose “File” and then select “Open” and export “. Next, within the option «Import or export» we select «Export to a file».

Now we must select “Comma Separated Values”. This step is very important, especially if we are performing the operation from a computer that is not ours. Next, we select the folder that we want to export, and for this we select the “Contacts” folder, which appears just below the account, and click on “Next”. Now we must assign a name to the file and use the “Browse” tab to select the location where the file will be saved and click on “Next”.

Finally, click on “Finish” to start exporting the contacts. The process is fast, but Outlook does not show any messages when the process finishes, but we will notice because the Import and Export Progress box disappears.

Save Address Book in Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. To keep our contact agenda safe or simply save it to import it to another email client, Thunderbird offers us the possibility of exporting it easily. When you export the contacts, they will be saved in a CSV file .

To begin we must have Thunderbird open and select “Addresses”. Next, we must select the address book that we want to export. Once selected, click on the “Tools” tab and click on the “Export” button.

Next, a drop-down box appears, we enter the name we want to give the file and within the “Type” options, we select “Separated by commas (system character encoding) (* .csv)” and choose the location where we want the exported list to be saved. Finally, click on «Save» to complete the operation.

Save contact book in Gmail

We are talking about possibly the most popular email application of the moment, and it is none other than Gmail, owned by Google. If we have a Gmail account and we want to save our contacts, we can perform an export process quickly as a few simple steps. The contacts will be saved in a file with a CSV extension that we can use to import into another email client.

To do this, the first thing we must do is have our Gmail account open . Now click on Google Contacts and select a contact by checking the box next to the contact’s name. If we want to select several contacts, we mark all the contact boxes that we want to export. Or we can select all the contacts, for which we will click on «Export».

Next, to create a backup copy of our contacts we must select “Google CSV” and click on “Export”. Now we must select the path where we want to locate the file that we are going to export along with its name. Finally, we click on «Save», and we will quickly have created a CSV file in the chosen location with our contacts.

Save contact book in Mailbird

It is another one of those email services that have been with us for several years, standing out for its compact design, which is perfectly organized by labels and folders thanks to its integration with Outlook and Gmail. With this application we can also export our contact list .

Mailbird offers us the possibility of exporting a complete group or exporting a contact individually. To do this, we will click on the “Contacts” button that we find in the left column at the bottom. Later we must click on the nut-shaped icon that we find at the top of the screen so that a drop-down menu opens. Within that menu we select «Selected Group» and then «Export contacts to vCard».

Next, a Windows explorer window will appear so that we can select the path where we want to save the file containing the exported contacts. We must also select the name that we want to give the file and click on «Save». The created file will have a VCF extension .

On the other hand, if we want to export a contact individually, it is also possible. To do this, click again on the “Contacts” button so that all the ones we have added appear. We search and select the contact to export and click on the triangular button located in the upper right, next to the “Edit” button. A drop-down menu will open where we must choose the “Export vCard” option. All that remains is to choose the path where to save the file, as well as its name.

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