Download torrents with these programs and apps from the windows store

Practically since the use of the Internet became standardized and was an element that was becoming common in our homes, programs with which to deal with popular torrent files became fashionable. These tools have evolved over time, being compatible with all Windows operating systems. Inside the Microsoft Store we also find UWP tools that we can use to download them .

Obtaining programs to download torrents from the Microsoft Store itself has its advantages, especially for the convenience it offers. All you have to do is search and choose the program to download it, avoiding having to open the browser, search the developer’s website, find the correct version, download the executable file and, finally, install it. In addition, we will obtain advantages in the security section, since the downloads from the Microsoft Store are tested to be free of malicious code .

UWP applications have been specially designed to be executed in Windows 10 so we will not have compatibility problems. In the same way, they are updated automatically, so Windows itself is responsible for downloading the new version and replacing it with the old one in a transparent way for the user. Therefore, today we are going to see what are the best UWP programs to download torrents that we can get from the Microsoft Store.

UWP programs to download torrents

Next we tell you which are the best UWP programs that we can download from the Microsoft store and with which to download our favorite torrents. As one would not expect otherwise, all of them and each one has its advantages and disadvantages that we must assess when deciding on the most suitable one for us.

Torrex Lite – Torrent Downloader, with built-in player

It is one of the most popular clients that we can find within the Microsoft Store. It does not require any special skills to use it and it allows us to find, download and control all types of torrents quickly. It is a fast and agile client, capable of running in the background without us noticing. In addition, it has a built-in player, so we can see the multimedia content that we are downloading directly from the application itself.

Another of the functions it incorporates is a speed control, with which we can limit the speed and amount of data downloaded. It also has the ability to play any music video file while it is being downloaded.

Developer: Finebits OÜ

wTorrent, designed for Windows 10

This is a program to download torrents that has been designed natively for Windows 10. It has abundant options for downloading torrents. It includes among its characteristics with options to configure priorities for the files, as well as the possibility of establishing a speed limit for uploading and downloading the files so that our entire Internet connection does not collapse, very useful if we are doing other tasks that require the connection.

Another feature to highlight of wTorrent is that it has integrated video playback, thanks to which we can see the downloaded videos while the download is in progress and in this way check if we are downloading the correct video. It also has various energy saving options , so in case of downloading from a laptop, we can choose to stop the download when the battery is low, when the downloads are completed or when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. .

Developer: EeeNet

Torrent RT FREE, the new legal proposal for torrents

It is a new and modern BitTorrent client that is responsible for finding, downloading and transmitting content quickly and easily. It was born with the objective of revolutionizing the BitTorrent ecosystem so that it can become a legal market that serves to connect content publishers with consumers in a secure and decentralized way. This application allows you to detect and open links directly from our browser without having to copy and paste the link

With Torrent RT FREE we can simultaneously search for up to 400 torrent trackers in 20 languages ​​and download the files directly from the application. It also allows you to limit the speed of uploading and downloading files so as not to saturate your Internet connection, as well as saving the files directly to an SD card or pendrive . In addition, it has its own content viewer that allows us to see any video or listen to the audio that we are downloading before the download finishes. Its main drawback is that it has advertising although it should not be a reason not to try it.

Developer: Vlasenko Bros.

Torrents Downloader UWP, download files simply and free

It is a torrent program with which we can download any video, music, wallpaper, software, etc., from the Internet. It is a simple and free application that has all the necessary functions for good performance . It has its own tab from which to search for the torrents we need, appearing in a list of all the available options. Although it is in English like most applications of this type, it should not be an obstacle to its use since it is quite intuitive to handle. Nor does it have as many alternatives as other options as it is very simple.

Developer: Panda Violet

Torrent Manager, download any content

This application allows us to download any content available on the Internet for free such as videos, television programs, games, software, etc. It will be enough to add the torrent file with the content we want in the torrent manager to start the download. This program is fully optimized for Windows . It allows you to customize the language, as well as the interface, being available in various colors and with the possibility of adopting a light or dark mode. Its main drawback is that in its free version not all functions are available, for which it will be necessary to download its PRO version.

Developer: Yellow Elephant Productions

9 Torrent, with support for WebTorrent and BitTorrent

It is an application that stands out for its fast transmission and download. From it we can download any torrent file and it even allows downloading from directly copying the link of our browser r. We can manually control all torrents, pausing or stopping the download, deleting the torrent, etc. It is capable of playing video and audio instantly, with its integrated player, without having to wait for the complete download to have taken place, being compatible with MP4, MP3, WAV and M4A files. In addition, it has support for both WebTorrent and BitTorrent.

Developer: Magik Hub

Torrent Gear, compatible with PC and Xbox One

It is a very attractive torrent file manager, which has an interface that, although not the prettiest in the world, is easy to use and it is not difficult to access its content. This application allows us to automatically capture magnet links from the Edge browser. This means that if we are browsing and we see a torrent that we like, we just have to click on its link so that it is automatically added to our download queue in the application. In addition, it has an advantage for all those who also have an Xbox One console, since Torrent Gear is also compatible with the Microsoft console.

Developer: Konstantin Software

Torrent Player Lite, view torrent video and audios in HD quality

This application specialized in viewing the videos and audio files that contain the torrent in high HD quality. We can start viewing them with just drag and drop, as well as enable a queued playlist. It also allows you to play the subtitles if they are included in the torrent and it is compatible with a wide number of popular formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, VOB, etc. Its main drawback is that not all functions are available in the free version, for which it will be necessary to purchase its PRO version.

Developer: Yellow Elephant Productions

Which UWP client is best for torrenting?

All the applications that we propose are good options for downloading torrents, although, if we had to recommend one above all, we would possibly stick with “Torrex Lite x Torrent Downloader”, since it has become one of the clients most popular from the Microsoft Store. It is characterized by its speed and agility when it comes to finding and downloading all kinds of torrents. It allows you to control the download speed of downloads and it also has a built-in player that allows us to view multimedia content that we are downloading.

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