Download pelis and netflix series to see them offline with flixgrab

We cannot deny that Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming series and movies platforms. As long as we have an Internet connection, we can access its entire catalog without restrictions. And although the platform allows us to download certain content to watch it offline, the function that Netflix offers for this is very limited and leaves much to be desired. Therefore, if we ever have the need to download a movie or series to watch it offline (for example, on a plane), we can turn to third-party software such as FlixGrab.

FlixGrab wants to become a program that works as an alternative to the download system of the Netflix app itself . This program gives us more control over downloads, allows us to choose the download quality and, in addition, it is much faster than the official system.

This program allows you to download videos from low quality (240p) to high quality (HD – 1080p or 720p) so that we can adjust to our needs or the space that we have free. It also supports Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 sound that many videos include. And it is even capable of downloading the TTML subtitles of the series and movies. It also allows us to choose the language of the audio and the subtitles that we want to download.

Advantages of using FlixGrab versus the Netflix download method

It is true that, as we will discuss later, using this program, as with other similar ones, can carry certain risks. Among them we can find a temporary suspension of the original account of the video platform. But at the same time there are many users who risk it due to the advantages that this type of proposal offers us. And, as we say, we have much more control over downloads as such. Here we refer to being able to control sections of the importance of the output video quality, the subtitles that we want to integrate into it, or the language that we will enjoy it.

We also achieve all this quickly and easily and this application achieves download rates higher than those that we usually find in the native Netflix application . At the same time we have sections to see failed downloads, completed, in progress, paused, etc; all from a single user interface.

How FlixGrab works

FlixGrab is a very easy to use program. The only thing we have to do to be able to download videos with it is to download the program and install it on our computer. At the top of the program interface we can see a button called « Paste URL «. Here we will enter the URL of the video we want to download, click on the download button and wait for it to finish downloading. As simple as that.

When the video has already been downloaded to the computer, we can play it with any multimedia player. We can also copy it to our smartphone or a tablet to take it with us and be able to see it wherever we want.

Of course, we must bear in mind that in order to download the videos using this program we must log in with our Netflix account, since, otherwise, it will not work. Of course, Netflix reserves the power to close any account (or suspend it for 48 hours, which is usually more common) if it detects suspicious activity. If we are going to use this program, we recommend doing it with a secondary account, or with a trial version.

On the other hand, as they let us glimpse on the download web page of this specific application, we can take certain precautions. These will help us to avoid this type of action using the program we are talking about. Thus, to reduce the chances that the platform detects the download of content, we can carry out two steps. On the one hand, it is recommended that, while we are downloading a certain video, we do not play any content on the platform. This means that we do not see some content in a conventional way, at the same time that we download another with FlixGrab

At the same time and also in order to avoid disappointments later, another measure that we can take in this same sense is not to download several videos at the same time. Thus, if we limit ourselves to downloading only one content at a time, be it a movie or chapter, we reduce the chances that the account will be temporarily canceled.

Download FlixGrab for free

We can download this program for free from the following link . We can download any type of video with it without having to go through the box, although if we want to make the most of it we must pay a premium subscription to FlixGrab.

These subscriptions range from $ 6.99 for 3 months to $ 16.99 for 12 months of service. If we pay, we can unlock a number of additional features, such as:

  • Possibility of choosing the quality of the videos that we want to download.
  • Download multiple videos at the same time.
  • Possibility to pause and resume downloads.

All payments have a two-day money-back guarantee. And when the subscription ends, we can continue using the program to download Netflix videos, but with its limitations.

Alternatives to FlixGrab to download Netflix videos

If we are looking for a program that allows us to download our favorite Netflix videos, we can choose one of these alternatives to FlixGrab that we present below.

Kigo Netflix Downloader

This is another program similar to the one mentioned in these lines that will be of great help to us when it comes to quickly downloading Netflix content . This includes videos of movies, television series, original series of the platform, or documentaries. Depending on the type of plan, we can download videos from 240p and 720p to 1080p. The files are downloaded in MP4 / MKV format, so we can play it with any of the most popular video players such as VLC, Windows Media Player, Real player, among others, as well as consoles and mobile devices. Along with the video download, the audio tracks and subtitles are also included. We can download the program from this link .


In this case, it is another program aimed at these same download tasks that we discussed, but in this case for payment. So we will have to pay a subscription to be able to use it, once we have downloaded it from this link . This software offers us a professional video downloader that will help us download Netflix videos to our PC in MP4 or MKV format so that we can stream them anywhere and at any time. Supports downloading videos in high quality 720p and 1080p. In the same way we can keep the subtitles in several languages. It has an intuitive and friendly interface that will allow us to download the videos by just copying and pasting their URL and clicking on the download button.

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