Download faster in qbittorrent adjusting simultaneous connections

The Internet connections that we have at this time, have improved many years to this part. Also, not only in desktop computers, since this is something that is equally extended to mobile devices. This can be very helpful when using download programs such as uTorrent or qBitTorrent, among others.

These are programs that act as P2P clients and that in the middle of 2019 are used in a multitude of environments and modes of use. Although this software is often linked to pirating copyrighted content, this is not its only objective. In fact, there are many large companies that use P2P networks to send and share their own large-scale projects. As an example, we download many of the Linux distributions with these clients that we are talking about, through torrent files.

Advantages of using torrent files instead of direct downloads

Many associate everything related to torrent files and P2P networks with piracy, but that is only one of the many types of use that all this has. In fact, many end users and companies use these P2P networks as substitutes for conventional direct downloads via HTTPS . The reason for this is very simple, and is that among many other things these were designed to minimize the loss of packets along the way. For all this, they become more than adequate when it comes to sharing large files.

At the same time, they present us with a plus of privacy as it is a download system from multiple sources, not from a single server, which is what we are used to. But yes, when dealing with certain P2P clients, as is the case, we must take into account some important parameters in their configuration so that they do not affect the rest of the team. This is precisely what we are going to talk about in these same lines.

Torrent clients can use 100% of our internet

But of course, it must be taken into account that these programs and the corresponding P2P networks were designed so that we can share large amounts of information. Hence, the Internet connection that we have, is a very relevant factor in this case. There are several proposals of this type that we can use at the moment, some more popular than others.

In this case we are going to focus on the use and operation of one of the best known in the sector, we refer to qBitTorrent, a program that you can download from here . We tell you all this because, if we do not configure the downloads correctly in qBittorrent, these programs can cover all the bandwidth that we have. Thus, no matter how good a connection we have, P2P clients can “take over” everything.

For example, as we will see below, it is important that we adjust the number of simultaneous connections that this program can make as best as possible . In this way, depending on the priority we give to the downloads from here, we can change this parameter in a few seconds.

Increase the number of connections in qBittorrent

What’s more, in order to fully adjust this section we are talking about, qBitTorrent allows us to specify both the number of total connections and for each download. Therefore, the first thing we must do to achieve our goal is to open the most recent version of this torrent client . Then we go to the Tools / Options menu in order to access the program’s configuration window.

Here we find, in the left panel, a good number of customizable functions, although the one that interests us now is Connections. Therefore we click on it so that we can take a look at the functions that appear in the right panel. Thus, here we will see the two options that we referred to previously regarding the number of simultaneous connections.

As we can see, by default these values ​​are set with 500 total connections, or a maximum of 100 per loaded torrent . Thus, in order to optimize the operation of the program depending on what we need, we can reduce the number of downloads. We just have to enter the corresponding necessary value that will indicate the simultaneous connections that we want qBitTorrent to use at a given time.

Other tips to download faster

Simultaneous connections allow download programs, such as qBittorrent, to download files faster, since we can connect to more peers and receive data from all of them without problems. However, it is not the only configuration or the only trick that we can find to be able to download files faster.

You don’t need any special hardware to download files from the torrent network. However, the higher the speed and the greater the number of simultaneous connections, the more CPU and RAM it consumes. Therefore, the more powerful our PC is, the faster we can download. The same goes for network devices . If we do not want to have problems, it is necessary for our router to be high-end to be able to process all connections in real time. And we must also connect the computer from which we are going to download the files by cable to the router, since the Wi-Fi network, with so many simultaneous connections, usually gives problems.

It is also necessary that we have the port configured in the torrent client open on our router so that traffic can enter and leave through it without restrictions. And it is also recommended that the other users of our local network are not using the Internet connection at the time we download. If, for example, they are watching series in streaming or downloading files at the same time, both our downloads and the activity of other users will go wrong.

Finally, the most important thing when downloading files from P2P networks: the source must have a good number of sources. If the file has only one font, or very few, the speed will be greatly reduced.

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