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Everything related to the world of Internet downloads is one of the most important parts when we navigate from our computer. It is true that we can carry out many other tasks from the browser or in the online world in general. Here we refer to playing, working, consulting social networks, etc. But if we focus on file downloads as such, we can also use more specific programs such as Internet Download Manager or IDM.

This is a versatile application focused on all of this that we are discussing and that has been with us for a good number of years. As we mentioned, its main purpose is to manage file downloads from the Internet in a more effective way .

Why use the Internet Download Manager to download from the Internet

It is true that this is something that we can also carry out directly from the web browsers themselves. For this we do not need any additional application, but with IDM we go one step further in this regard.

This is something that becomes especially evident if, as a general rule, we download a good number of files in sessions with the computer and at the same time. What’s more, to speed up these download processes, even with slow connections, Internet Download Manager  will help us. But not only that, but it also has some interesting functions for managing our downloads.

How could it be otherwise, the program stabilizes them and achieves, as far as possible, cuts and data loss along the way. Therefore, in the field of download managers, this veteran solution is one of the most recognized and used worldwide. In addition, as we mentioned, it has some interesting functions that will be of great help in these processes that we are commenting on.

It is compatible with all Internet protocols and with most web browsers. It has an antimalware protection system, speeds up downloads, prevents data loss, allows us to pause and resume them at any time, or even schedule them. It is for all this that in these same lines we are going to talk about how to set the program and take advantage of its integrated functions.

How to download and install the download manager

Well, once we know all this, in order to download the program as such, it is something that we can achieve from this link . From there, a free version of the application is downloaded to the team that we run in a conventional way. Also, once it has finished, before starting the program it sends us a message. In it, it informs us that it has been automatically added to Google Chrome in the form of an extension.

This will save us from having to carry out this integration ourselves by hand so that this program can be integrated into the most used browser in the world. Thus, the next time we access Chrome, we will find another message for us to confirm the installation of that add-on.

Therefore, as we can see, first of all we have to confirm ourselves that change that is going to be made in the browser . Furthermore, this is a program that installs other applications without our wanting it, as it happens so many times.

First steps with Internet Download Manager

Therefore, once we have carried out the steps described above, we can now run the program as such. This, for example, we can do from the icon that will be created on the Windows desktop . It will be then when we find the Internet Download Manager user interface, which, as we can see, is simple as well as functional. Its appearance adapts to the theme that we have in the operating system, such as the dark one.

From there we also find a design separated by three well differentiated panels. In the one on the left we can go to various sections to locate the downloads depending on their status or category. Then we have a central panel in which we can do a complete follow-up of the download projects in progress. And finally at the top we see shortcuts to the functions that we can use here.

Start downloading files with IDM

In addition, as we mentioned before, the operation of the application as such is very simple. On the one hand, we have the possibility of dragging any URL that contains a file download directly to the interface of this software. In the same way, we can add this same URL by hand through the + button located in the upper left corner.

Regardless of the upload method used, when the download manager recognizes the URL and the downloads it contains, it shows us a new window. In it we will see said Internet address, in addition to the category where we want to add it, or specify if we start downloading at that time, or later.

Control the download process with the Internet Download Manager

Well, the moment the download as such begins, we find a new window that offers us great information about it. Here we will see first-hand the size of the file, how much it has been downloaded, the speed or the data packets received, all in real time.

At the same time from here we have the possibility to pause or restart the process when we need it. In the same way, and from the tabs located at the top, we can establish a speed limit for this specific process, or specify what the program should do when we finish it completely.

On the other hand, if we go back to the main interface of the program, by double clicking on the entry corresponding to the download, we will find more data about it. Here we will see the path where it will be stored, the percentage already downloaded, the original URL, or if it has access credentials.

Download files to Internet Download Manager from Chrome

As we mentioned earlier, this is a program that is added to the Chrome browser itself from its very installation, among other similar programs. This is something that is carried out through the corresponding extensions of the program. Therefore we can also take full advantage of the software solution from these. Let’s take as an example the aforementioned Google Chrome, which is the most widespread.

Well, it is worth mentioning that here we can use IDM to download files or to view videos from platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Of course, we must bear in mind that when installing this extension, the browser’s native download manager is disabled. Therefore, to download a file we just have to go to the download link and click on it as usual.

Therefore in this case we are going to find the same process described above, but in a more automatic and agile way. So you can run the Internet Download Manager in Chrome by itself.

Configure and adapt IDM operation

At this point, it is worth mentioning that most users, at least those who do not want to complicate themselves, will leave the configuration options by default. But we can always tweak some of these to further optimize downloads on the Internet Download Manager . For this, the program makes some interesting options available to more advanced users.

For most of them, we just have to click on the button that is represented by a cogwheel in the main interface of the program. Here the first thing we find is the possibility of changing the use of Internet Download Manager for different browsers. Also in this same window we can configure IDM so that it starts with Windows, or that it begins to download the contents of the clipboard by itself.

At the same time and from the File types tab, we have the possibility to indicate the formats of these that will start to be downloaded automatically here. It is also interesting to customize the behavior of the program based on the type of connection we have. This is something that we achieve from the Connection tab.

However, we recommend that you take a look at all the options available here to adapt Internet Download Manager to your needs.

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