Do you use git and need to graphical interface? Try these programs

At present we can find several Git GUI clients for a wide variety of operating systems, which will allow to integrate a wide variety of features that help you to work easily together with the rest of the collaborators, so that they can work more efficient.

And is that Git is one of the best version control systems (VCS) of most popular devices, since most of the largest business projects run in Git repositories. That is why today we are going to talk about the best graphical GUI clients for Git that we can find in Windows.

What is Git and what is it used for

Git is a version control system that is characterized by being open source and free, intended for software development, as well as performing other version control tasks. There are many projects that are implemented in Git repositories to store and manage code, whether it is a large company or small-scale projects. This allows for integration options that allow you to easily work on any project.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand all Git operations and commands, especially for beginners. For this reason, we find a group of tools that are responsible for simplifying it, providing alternatives with a graphical interface to the Git command line.

Git GUI Clients for Windows

Here’s a list of some of the best free Git GUI clients available for Windows.

GitHub Desktop, the most popular GUI interface

It is possibly the most popular tool, especially for those who have their remote repository hosted on GitHub. This program is an extension of the GitHub workflow through a graphical user interface that allows us to manage its code without using the command line. For this we only need to log in to our account to start working on its repositories.

This graphical application will allow us to create new repositories, add local repositories, as well as perform most Git operations from a graphical user interface. GitHub Desktop is an open source tool that is currently available for Windows and macOS.

We can download GitHub Desktop from its website .

SourceTree, valid for use on Bitbucket and GitHub

This free Git client has been developed by Atlassian and has great support for repositories hosted on both Bitbucket and GitHub. It is a very advanced client that has a wide series of functions and operations that are available from its user interface.

This client is responsible for simplifying the way we interact with our Git repositories so that we can focus on their coding, which allows us to view and manage the repositories through a simple user interface. Simple for beginners and perfect for making more advanced users more productive. It is available for Windows and macOS users.

If we want to try SourceTree we can download it from this link .

SmartGit, professional client for advanced users

This professional Git client is free for non-commercial organizations, so we can freely use it to develop free and open source software. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, it will be necessary to pay for your license. It is a tool that is not easy to use, so it will be necessary to have knowledge of the Git commands.

It has support for GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab and has a wide variety of buttons and operations that we will have available from its user interface. Its tools include a command line Git client, graphical merge and commit history, GitFlow, SSH client, file comparison, and file merging. The application is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux users.

We can download SmartGit for free from the developer’s website.

GitKraken, one of the most attractive user interfaces for Git

It is an application for Git that is compatible with sites like GitHub, Bitbucket and Gitlab. It has both free versions, suitable for small teams as well as premium and business versions for larger teams. It stands out for its extremely attractive user interface where we can find all the collaboration functions.

Some of its features include a built-in code editor, which helps launch a project, with drag-and-drop functionality. When starting a new project we can use the built-in editor to add files and folders to edit it directly. We can save our files, organize and confirm the changes we make. The application is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

To test GitKraken we can opt for its free version that we can download from here.

GitForce, designed to be easy and intuitive to use

This program, designed as a source control for Git, has a very visual user interface that will serve as tools to interpret the Git command line on both Windows and Linux. It has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use, as well as powerful. The main objective of the application is to provide a useful visual interface with which to perform the most common Git operations.

That is why, although it has limited functions, it does have a wide range of interesting features, including support for a wide range of repositories, scanning local repositories with ease, as well as other basic features such as dragging. and drop.

We can download GitForce for free by clicking on this link.

Magit !, with text-based user interface

This app features a full text-based user interface for Git, allowing us to perform elaborate and tribal version control tasks with just a few clicks. It can also run in the background, allowing you to run Git commands. It is ideal for software developers to do interesting version control tasks from the Emacs window.

It is a faster and more intuitive application than the command line or even any interface, being valid for both beginners and experts in Git. Some of its features include rebase, smooth workflow and visualization, etc. It is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

Download Magit! free from here.

TortoiseGit, support client for Git based on TortoiseSVN

It is a Windows Shell interface for Git and is based on TortoiseSVN. It is open source and can be used for free. Their main mode of interaction will be through the context menu of Windows Explorer. its dialog boxes are descriptive and we can move files just by dragging them.

This client with interface for Git can be of great support to us to carry out all kinds of tasks frequently such as confirming, showing records, differentiating two versions, creating branches and labels, creating patches, etc.

We can download TortoiseGit for free from this link.

Aurees, quickly browse the repository and perform useful tasks

We are facing a free, simple and easy-to-use Git client, which has been developed to create an environment where we can easily edit and publish Git files, for which it will only be necessary to log in with our GitHub account. It is a multiplatform application, so we can use it both on Windows, macOS and Linux.

It has color-coded labels so that we can navigate the repository faster. We can explore all documents with changes, tags, IDs, authors and files, as well as use a search engine to search for branches, see the differences between two documents and revert all existing changes, as well as restore a working copy.

To test Aurees it will only be necessary to download it from here .

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