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When it comes to studying programming, many students encounter not a few problems when it comes to learning a new computer language. And is that most of the software development platforms are in English. That is why it is possible to have problems when it comes to understanding the menus, system messages or the programming language’s own instructions. To help us with this task, we can use a program like PSeInt, which we will talk about below.

PSeInt (short for Pseudo Interpreter) is a free and open source pseudo- code development program , which allows it to be modified and improved. Its mission is to guide and assist any student starting with their first steps in the world of programming. Through a simple but intuitive pseudo-language in Spanish, it allows us to focus our attention on the fundamental concepts of computational algorithms, reducing the difficulties of the language.

By using pseudo-code, you can start introducing some basic concepts without having to deal with the particularities of the syntax of a real language. In this way, the program has a set of aids and tools that help the student to write algorithms in this psedolanguage, with the possibility of understanding the logic of the algorithms that compose it.

The main features presented by PSeInt are:

  • It has editing tools to write algorithms in psedudocode in Spanish (Autocomplete, command template, syntax coloring, logical block highlighting, etc).
  • It allows to generate and edit the algorithm flow diagram by working with classical and Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams.
  • Offers the possibility of simultaneous editing of multiple algorithms
  • It can interpret and execute the written algorithms.
  • Determine and flag syntax errors in real time.
  • It allows converting the pseudocode algorithm to numerous programming languages ​​(C, C ++, C #, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, QBasic, Visual Basic, among others.)
  • Multiplatform (compatible with Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux)

PSeInt, the perfect tool to start programming

Once we run the application, the first thing that appears is a welcome panel that gives us the possibility to select a profile to adjust the pseudocode to our needs. For this, it offers us three options, with preloaded profiles, which we can choose in the event that the software is part of a course and the teacher has created a predefined profile. We can also load from a file if the teacher has provided us with a profile file. Finally, we can not select a profile and explore the software.

Simple and well organized interface

In the case of choosing the third option, we go to the main menu, with a simple interface, but with well-structured elements, with a large central panel where to write the different algorithms. At the top it has a toolbar organized by tabs and another bar with different icons that act as shortcuts to execute different options. While on the right side we find a panel with different commands such as “Write”, “Read”, “Assign”, “If-Then”, “According”, “While”, “To” and “Function”.

The program will allow us to execute the algorithm to observe its operation and verify the results obtained. We can also modify the algorithm executed and see how the result changes automatically, without having to re-enter the input data or re-execute part of it.

Language options

An important section is the possibility that we have to adjust or make the language rules more flexible according to the teacher’s needs. The software includes a list of preconfigured profiles that we can access from the Configuration tab and clicking on Language Options. Here we will find different profiles together with a small description of them. The number of profiles is quite large and it even offers us the possibility of creating one in a personalized way, as well as customizing some of the existing ones to our liking.

The editor incorporated in PSeInt offers us different types of help while we write. We will have at our disposal help in the form of autocomplete, command template, syntax coloring, logic block highlighting, among others so that we can avoid errors. It also gives us the possibility of using templates for the most basic commands, along with their corresponding description that can serve as a guide and help while we complete it.

Free Download PSeInt

PSeInt is a free and open source program so it can be used completely free of charge, downloading it directly from its website . It is compatible with Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) and macOS (64-bit) operating systems. For the Windows version, it has a portable version, which can be used without performing any type of installation on the system, being able to be executed from an external storage device, such as a pendrive or a hard disk.

The latest version available to date is 20200501 corresponding to May 1, 2020 . This indicates that it has not received updates for a considerable time, which is not an impediment for the program to work correctly.

Alternatives to PSeInt

If we are looking for a program with which to learn programming, we will teach you some tools that will help us with the work:


It is an online platform with which we can learn to program through a series of complete and specialized programs for beginners. Includes interactive lessons, articles, and videos for better learning. Once the course is finished, we will obtain a certificate with the knowledge acquired. To learn how to program for free with freeCodeCamp, just access its website.


This web platform will allow us to learn to program for free, although it also has specialized paid programs. On this website we will find courses in various programming languages ​​such as HTML and CCS, Java, Python, C ++, JavaScript, among others. To do this, simply access their website by clicking on this link.

Khan Academy

It is a non-profit organization developed to offer free education through a wide range of courses. In it we will find what is necessary to learn about cryptography, algorithms and create interactive websites in HTML, JavaScript or CSS. To start, just enter your website and click on this link.

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