Do you play online? Communicate with your teammates on teamspeak

For a few years now, the Internet has offered us another way of communicating with the rest of the world. A simple and fast way to contact Internet users from all over the globe in time. Specific programs for this help to a great extent, such as TeamSpeak, which we will talk about below.

And the fact is that both the excellent connections, in most cases, together with the platforms and programs that we can use, make this possible. In addition, for all this we have several ways, depending on the needs of each case. We can communicate with others through text, the most classic option. But at the same time this is something we can do through voice or video conferencing .

As we mentioned, for all this we have many solutions in the form of software, either locally or online. Well, in these same lines we are going to talk to you about one of those solutions that will surely be of great interest.

Advantages of installing and using TeamSpeak for your PC games

At this point we will tell you that specifically in this case we find a software solution, TeamSpeak, which acts as a complete Internet communication system . And it is that it will allow us to carry out tasks of this type with Internet users from anywhere in the world. How could it be otherwise, this is something that we achieve thanks to the functions that it offers us by simply installing the software on the PC. These communications are also carried out directly and in real time.

We are talking about software that has gradually improved over the years. It’s been around for a while and its developers are experienced enough to know what their customers need. In fact, over time this solution has made a dent in the growing market for PC video games . Therefore, to benefit from all this, the first thing we do is install it on the computer. The process as such is very simple, we just have to specify the installation path and the users of the equipment that will be able to use it.

Once the process itself has finished, the program will ask us for our permission to collect certain data on the use of the program. These are sent to the firm’s servers in order to improve the product in the future. Acceptance of all this is optional, it depends on each one.

Interface and first steps with TeamSpeak

As we mentioned before, due to its nature and functionality, this is a program that has become well known among the gaming community. To give us an idea, this uses the software we talked about to communicate with each other in real time during and after games. In addition, once all this is known by its developers, they implement new means to facilitate this type of task.

All this is carried out through a main interface from which we control a large part of the program. The truth is that at first we find a window divided into three well differentiated panels.

The first one, located on the left of the main window, will show us the available channels to which we can connect from a specific server . On the other hand, we find the possibility of receiving more detailed information from each of these channels, which will be displayed in the right pane of the window. In addition, all the changes that are taking place in real time, we see them in the third panel located below them.

At the same time and as is usual in Windows applications, at the top of the interface we will see a series of shortcuts and menus. These are the ones that allow us to control the operation of TeamSpeak in a more direct way. Say that at the end of the main window, at the bottom of it, we find a last dialog box. This will be very useful when it comes to chatting with other users via text while we play with our contacts and friends.

How to connect to a server in TeamSpeak

Putting the program into operation as such is quite simple, as we are going to see. Of course, the first thing we must know is the remote server to which we want to connect. For this we only have to place in the Connections menu of the interface and click on the option called Connect. At this moment, a new window will appear on the screen where we have the possibility to type the address of the remote server with which we are going to connect.

It is worth mentioning that in this section we are, by default, with TeamSpeak’s own server, but we can enter any other. In addition, in many cases an access password will be requested in order to make the connection as such.

How to download TeamSpeak for free

As we mentioned, in this case we find a free program that we can benefit from without spending a single euro. Therefore, all we have to do to talk to the rest of the world from here is download the client from its official website, that is, from this link . It is worth mentioning that here we find a 32-bit and a 64- bit downloadable version , on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

Other alternatives to TeamSpeak


This is a popular proposal similar to the one mentioned that over the years has not stopped gaining followers. We can do with it from this link, and it presents us with the necessary tools to establish contact with the rest of the world. In this way, the program will allow us to create groups, activate new chats, generate our lists of friends and contacts, etc.


But perhaps one of these proposals to communicate over the Internet in different ways that are more familiar to you, is Skype . This is the proposal that Microsoft itself presents to us in this regard and that allows us to talk on the phone, chat, make videoconferences, etc. To prove all this that we tell you, you can achieve it from this link .

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