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For years, streaming video platforms have made a niche for themselves in homes. With them we can enjoy all kinds of audiovisual content such as movies and series. However, the most cinephiles surely still have a wide collection of films in physical format. Whether on DVD or Blu-ray, the collector is a lover of the physical format over the digital one. In this case, it never hurts to help keep our entire collection organized, and this is something that we can achieve with an application like EMDB, about which we are going to talk to you.

EMDB (Eric’s Movie Database) is an application specially designed to help us organize our collection of movies and series. With it we can manage and keep our entire collection in order in its extensive database. It allows us to make a list with the movies we have seen, or mark them as not seen. To do this, simply enter your name and the program will collect all the necessary information from the Internet.

For this, this software has automatic import from databases as important as IMDb, TheTVDB, and RottenTomatoes . All the data that we need from movie posters, photos of actors, links to trailers, etc., are imported automatically from these various sources.

The application offers us several ways to add our content. Either by title, disk scan, your barcode or import from files. We can keep track of the titles to be seen or purchased on our wish list, play movies or EMDB episodes, and get all kinds of statistics.

When viewing our collection in images we can do it in shelf mode or as a list or full screen. We can organize the movies as DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, Steelbook and even VHS. It also allows us to export a file or HTML with different templates and display posters in full screen.

Your movie collection always organized with EMDB

Once we run the application we find its main menu. It has an intuitive, cheerful and colorful interface, from where we can edit our movie database on the spot. In addition, it is translated into Spanish which helps us to carry out all the necessary procedures. At the top it has a toolbar in the form of icons, from where we can carry out all its functions such as adding, editing, filtering, sorting, searching, etc.

Add your movies to create your own database

If we click on the «Add» button we can manually insert all the information about the films. You can specify the title, version, director, spoken languages, number of discs, year, country, duration, as well as the date it was added to the database. Also, we can mark the movies as viewed or put them on our wish list.

Within its wide range of options it is possible to add a plot scheme, obtain the IMDB rating or add our own rating. There will be the possibility of selecting the genre and the cover of the film. It is also possible to add additional information to specify the aspect, the codec, the resolution, the source and even comments and description of the movies.

Use the IMDB database to get all kinds of information

But it is not necessary that we write by hand all the data of each film to have everything organized, since this can be quite a tedious task. To make it easier, just enter the title and click on the “Search IMDB” button . Next, we will see a list of movies with a title similar to the one we have written. We select the appropriate one and the program will be in charge of exporting all the data about it, including its cover. The application is fast when it comes to displaying IMDB data, being able to provide us with accurate and complete information.

The application also has a built-in search option. From it we can find any film in our catalog quickly, thanks to the many dedicated filters available. We can also computer the movies, print information about it, export the list as plain text, as HTML or in Excel format. In addition, it will be possible to change the style, color and general appearance of the program, showing us statistics on the number of films, series, directors, etc., in our entire collection.

Is EMDB worth using?

As we have seen, EMDB is an excellent software solution that will help us keep track and organize our movie collection quickly and effortlessly. It is a highly recommended option if we have a large collection, otherwise its usefulness is reduced. If we want to obtain a large database, where not a single detail is missing about our collection, it is an option to take into account, especially being free.

Download EMDB for free

EMDB is a program with which we can easily organize our entire collection of films, completely free of charge, which we can download from its website . It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8 and Windows 10, both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It has automatic updates and is totally portable, so it can be installed on any pendrive for use on any PC.

Its latest available version is 4.00 corresponding to March 12, 2021, being the third update it has received so far this year. This shows the good update and support policy that the program has from its developers.

Alternatives to EMDB

If we are looking for a program with which to keep our collection of movies and series well managed and organized, we suggest some alternatives to EMDB to consider.


It is an application with which we can catalog our entire collection of movies and series, as well as our favorite actors and even keep track of which of them we have borrowed. All the information is obtained through IMDB, one of the largest film databases on the Internet. We can download the free version of Movienizer from this link .


This program allows us to classify and organize our entire collection of movies. We can add all kinds of information available for classification. To do this, it obtains the data downloaded from Film Affinity to have a database that is as complete as possible. We can download VideOrganizer for free from here .


This software allows us to keep our entire collection of movies, series, documentaries, etc. organized. All the elements that we add will be organized by tabs, where we will find all the data, comments and even covers, that the program is in charge of compiling from the Internet. VisualDivx is a free application that we can download from its official website .

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