Do you have repeating photos in windows? Delete them with tha me programs

Personal photos are one of the items with the greatest sentimental value that we can find today. Many of us take photos daily, or almost daily, of what we find in our day-to-day lives thanks to mobile phones. Thanks to the cloud we can always have a backup copy of the data at hand, but, in addition, many times we usually save another additional copy on the computer. With the passage of time, the photo library that we have on our PC can become really large. And, the larger it is, the more likely it is to save repeated photos that only make us waste space on the hard drive or SSD.

Although we can always go reviewing the photos one by one, and eliminating those that are already saved in another folder, the truth is that this is a job of anything but practical. And although a photo can occupy, for example, 4 MB, when we have dozens, or hundreds, of them saved two or more times, the space that we are wasting begins to be considerable.

Programs that will help us eliminate repeated photos

If we want to have a clean collection of photos, without repeated or duplicated images, we must start by looking for a program that allows us to do it quickly and easily. And these are the best we can find.

Find.Same.Images.OK, free program to find identical photos

Find.Same.Images.OK is one of the most popular and recommended free programs to search for all kinds of repeated photos on any computer. This program allows us to introduce a directory to it and, with one click, it will begin to analyze it for matches. In addition to finding duplicate photos, this program will also allow us to find similar photos that, for example, have been rotated.

When it detects a match, it will allow us to choose which photo we want to delete and which one we want to keep. In each match we can see a percentage of similarity that will allow us to know if the image is identical (that is, a duplicate) or simply a similar one.

We can download Find.Same.Images.OK from this link . In addition, it is available in Spanish.

AntiDupl, OpenSource program to find similar photos

If what we are looking for is an open source program, then one of the best options that we are going to have at our disposal is AntiDupl. This open source program, written in .NET, allows us to search very easily all the duplicate photos that we have in a specific directory on the computer. It is compatible with JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, EMF, WMF, EXIF, ICON, JP2, PSD, DDS and TGA formats, and, thanks to its content analysis algorithms, this program detects both identical photos and photos similar (for example, if we have shot the same photo 3 times in a row). It allows us to compare the photos before deleting them and choose which one we want to keep.

We can download AntiDupl for free from its main website . Some antivirus can detect a threat in the installer, but it is a false positive. The program is open source, so anyone can check it out.

VisiPics, a discontinued classic that still works

Another free alternative that will help us clean and organize our photo library is VisiPics. This software is characterized above all by its high analysis speed, and can even take advantage of dual-core processors. It is very easy to use and, although the interface is not one of the most careful that we can find on the Internet, it is designed to facilitate the visualization of all the content.

We can download VisiPics for free from here . Although this program has not been updated since 2013, today it is still one of the best options to consider.

AllDup, find repeated photos, videos and any duplicate files

AllDup is a program designed to allow us to delete all kinds of duplicate files from the computer, not just photos. This program allows us to find duplicate files based on different criteria, such as file name, extension, size, content and even attributes. In addition, it has special algorithms to detect both similar and duplicate images as well as similar audio files that we have on the PC. It also allows you to find duplicate video files based on their length and size.

We can download AllDup free of charge from this link .

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, find duplicate photos and the like in seconds

If speed is what you are looking for, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder will become your program. This free software is specialized in searching and finding all kinds of duplicate images, or similar ones, on our computer. This software is very easy to use, since we can put it to work with just a couple of mouse clicks.

It can compare photos in many different ways, and is even capable of detecting similar black and white and color images. It is compatible with JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF formats and allows us to easily choose which photo we want to save and which one to delete from its simple interface.

We can download Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder from this website .

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder, one of the best programs to find duplicate photos, paid

Not all the programs we find to find duplicate photos on our hard drives are free. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is one of the payment alternatives that we can find for this same purpose. This program allows you to compare photos in many different ways, being able to choose from searching and finding identical photos to similar ones or comparing their exif data. This software allows us to see all the data of each image, preview it and easily delete the one we do not want to save.

It has a free version that, although it is functional, lags behind the previous free alternatives. But if we pay for the license for this software, we will be able to take full advantage of it, being able to analyze Adobe catalogs, support formats such as RAW, HEIC and WebP, and automate many of the tasks.

We can download Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder from this link .

Image Comparer, find repeated and very similar photos

This is another payment alternative that will allow us to analyze our photo library to find and eliminate all duplicates. We can start the program in just a couple of clicks, and it will look for the photos in the directories that we specify. One of its main characteristics is that its algorithm automatically selects the photo with the highest quality to help us decide when to save, or delete, the repeated photos.

We can download Image Comparer from its website .

Duplicates Cleaner, the Microsoft Store UWP alternative

If we are one of those who like Windows 10 UWP applications, and we are looking for a program in the Microsoft Store, Duplicates Cleaner is our best option. This program will automatically be in charge of analyzing the directories that we indicate and searching in them for all kinds of duplicate images that we may have saved. In addition, this program also allows us to search for all kinds of duplicate files, as well as documents and videos.

This program is characterized especially by its outstanding performance. Its algorithm allows you to find and compare files faster than any other program in the store. Unfortunately, the free version is limited, and we will have to buy Duplicates Cleaner Prime (also in the store) if we want to unlock its full potential.

Developer: kaeros

Developer: kaeros

dupeGuru, find duplicate music, pictures and much more

This is another very useful program to search for all kinds of duplicate files. This software is designed to cover multiple purposes, as it will allow us to find music files by scanning tags, at the same time that it will help us to find similar images. It is also worth noting that this program is capable of finding other types of duplicate files such as DOC, TXT, MP4, etc.

Its use is very simple. The first thing we must do is select the option corresponding to the images, and then add the folders that we want to scan. Once the scan is finished we can see the results in a separate window. There it will show us, in different columns, the name of the file, the folder, the size of the image, the percentage of coincidence, etc.

We can download this program for free from here .

Pixiple, yet another open source alternative

Another excellent software that we can use to find and erase all kinds of repeated images on our computer is Pixiple. This open source software is focused on finding all kinds of duplicate images on our computer according to their pixels and their metadata, to help us choose which one to delete or which to leave.

Its interface is very easy to use. and allows us to see the photos compared photos to make sure they are the same. In addition, it will also allow us to see all kinds of information about the photos, such as their information and even their hash.

We can download the latest version of this program from its GitHub page .

Which program to delete repeated photos to choose?

As we have seen, we have a wide variety of programs that will allow us to find and delete repeated photos. The ideal is to test each of them to see which one gives us the best results. However, of all the proposals, we could possibly stick with Find.Same.Images.OK, possibly the most popular and it is also in Spanish. In addition, its use is very simple and will allow us to find both duplicate photos and similar photos, allowing us to choose which photo we want to delete.

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