Do you have pdf upside down? Turn pages with adobe acrobat reader

The jobs related to the office automation sector at the moment are becoming key for millions of users. And it is that these no longer only focus on professional jobs, but in many other environments. Here we can talk about files like the ones we create in Word, Excel, files in PDF format, and much more.

We tell you all this because the use of these files at the moment is more than usual in offices, homes, corporate environments of all kinds, in education, etc. Hence, most of the current computers, have programs trained to meet our needs in this regard. We are not only referring to Word or Excel, programs that are part of Office and are paid, but to many more.

And it is that in parallel we can make use of many other solutions in this same sense, many of them without having to pay a single euro. As most of you probably already know first-hand, these programs allow us to carry out all kinds of tasks. We refer to such common tasks as text editing, creating spreadsheets and multimedia presentations, etc. But with everything and with it and despite the wide variety of content that we can draw on here, we are going to focus on a specific one.

Actually in this case we are going to talk about a file format that has not stopped growing in terms of use in recent years. We refer to the PDF files that the software giant, Adobe, developed several decades ago . A little later he made it a standard and opened it so that any user or company that needed it could use it. Well, surely many of you in recent times have come across these contents of PDFs .

Advantages and disadvantages of using PDF files

As we mentioned before, this is a specific file format that does not stop growing in terms of use. The most important reason for this is the enormous versatility that it presents us in general terms. Thus, in a file that we generate of this type, we can integrate, in addition to the classic texts, images, tables, graphics, buttons, links, videos, etc. To all this we can add that many of the formats of other files can be converted into a PDF in seconds. Here the files that we generate in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Writer, or even individual images come into play .

This is something that we largely achieve thanks to the Microsoft Print to PDF function that is integrated into many of the programs we use in Windows. There are also other somewhat more specific applications that allow us to perform these same tasks. But that’s not all, but also with these PDFs we can carry out all kinds of internal treatments. Thus, we will have the possibility to convert, edit, protect, sign or hide these specific contents.

In fact, here we are going to focus on one of the many functions that Adobe’s popular application, Acrobat Reader, allows us to carry out . From this powerful application we have the ability to perform multiple tasks, such as rotating the PDFs with which we work, something that we will teach you later.

Of course, speaking of these files in general terms, to say that their editing is not as simple as it happens, for example, with a DOCX file . This can be a disadvantage for many, or an advantage for others. As an example, due to this complexity in the edition, many invoices or estimates made in Word are automatically converted to PDF so that they cannot be changed.

Rotate documents in a PDF file in Acrobat Reader

As we mentioned, Acrobat Reader is a powerful Adobe proposal that presents us with multiple functions, some paid and others free. All of them are based on the commented PDF files, so let’s see how to rotate the pages that are part of them. This will be very useful both when viewing, editing or assembling different pages in separate documents, or in just one. Everything will depend on the needs of each one.

Open the PDF with Acrobat Reader

But before all this that we comment, the first thing we must do is load the document with which we are going to deal in the application itself . So let’s see how we can open it quickly and easily. To do this, the first thing we do is to place ourselves running the application as such and in the system, so that the main interface of Acrobat Reader appears. Next we go to the menu option File / Open so that we can now select the file that we will deal with.

This leads to the creation of a new tab that contains the document we are working with, which is located next to another one called Tools. In this we have a huge number of functions and working modes for these PDFs.

However, in the case that concerns us at this moment, we will not have to use any of these useful elements.

Rotate PDF documents loaded in Acrobat Reader

Therefore, for the task that concerns us here, we go to the tab corresponding to the document as such. It is important that we go to the specific page that we want to turn at this time, if there are several of those that make up the document itself. In this way, once we are located on the page that interests us, we take a look at the main menu of the program.

The option that interests us here is called View, so we click there and place ourselves in the Rotate view list. This one gives us the opportunity to turn the entire page, either to the right or to the left.

This allows us to adapt the display of content to our needs, for example when reading texts or filling in forms.

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