Do not use skype? Prevent it from running when windows starts

One of the programs that is usually installed on all Windows is  Skype . This is Microsoft’s messaging, voice and video calling software that all users can use for free. What happens is that, unless we work with this tool, the other users do not need to have it running all the time, spending resources. And Microsoft has even configured it to start automatically when you turn on Windows. Therefore, if we do not need to have Skype loaded from the moment we turn on the PC, we can deactivate it.

We can find several versions of Skype that we can install on Windows 10. On the one hand we have the normal application, Win32, which we can download from the website of the messaging tool, and on the other we also have the UWP version, from the Microsoft Store, which is much easier to download, install and update. Of course, we cannot forget about the versions for Linux and macOS, as well as the versions of this program for mobile phones.

Developer: Skype

Regardless of the version that we have on our computer, the process that we must follow to remove it from the start of the operating system will always be the same. Next we will see how it is done.

Remove Skype from Windows startup from your settings

Like most programs, Skype offers us the ability to configure the background behavior of the program from its own configuration. To do this, we will open the main Skype window, and using the keyboard shortcut Control + Comma, we will open the Settings window.

In this window, we will select the «General» section. Within it we will find several options within the category «Start and close» that will allow us to configure the behavior of the software.

The first of the options will allow us to choose if we want to automatically start Skype when logging in to Windows. Here we will not find a button as such to activate or deactivate this function, but we will have to go to the Windows Settings panel to do it. Therefore, we will look at it in more detail later.

We will also be able to choose whether we want Skype to start in the background automatically, so that its main window does not appear, or what we want to do when we close Skype, whether to close it completely or to keep it running in the background.

Prevent Skype from running when you sign in to Windows

If we want to prevent Skype from running every time we log into Windows we will have to carry out a couple of adjustments that can be done easily in a few steps.

From Task Manager

Skype registers as one more program that runs at Windows startup. Therefore, we can find it, and control it, from the Windows system startup options. We can do this in two different ways. The first one is from the Task Manager of the operating system. We can use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + Esc to open this task manager and, in the “Start” tab, find everything that is running when we start the PC.

We must locate the Skype entry in the list of programs, right-click on it and choose the disable option. We can also do it using the button that appears in the lower right part of the window.

From the Settings menu

Another way we have to do this is to do it from the Windows Settings menu. We can open this menu from the start, from the search engine or using the Windows + I keyboard shortcut. Once inside this Settings panel, what we must do is go directly to the Applications> Start section to find a list with all the programs that run when the PC starts up.

We locate the Skype entry, and uncheck its box. Since we are here, we can also see what other programs open at the beginning of the system and know in detail the impact they have on the general performance of the PC.

Now we can restart the computer without fear, that when you start the Skype session again it will no longer open by default.

Using a startup manager

The tools that Microsoft offers us to control the programs that run at the beginning of the session are functional, but quite limited. If we want to go a little further, we will need to use additional software that allows us to better control the programs that run when Windows starts.

Autorun Organizer

It is one of the most complete software solutions to perform this function. This program will allow us to know absolutely everything that is executed at the beginning of our computer. In this way we will be able to control the programs that run when the PC starts up. This allows us to clean up processes running in the background, as well as making the system boot up faster. We can download it from this link.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

It is a software focused on the general optimization of Windows, so it can help us to prevent Skype from running always, every time we start Windows. The program also analyzes your operating system and hardware, erases or encrypts data, and assists in file recovery. We can download Ashampoo WinOptimizer from here .

Don’t use Skype? Uninstall it from Windows

If we don’t use Skype on our computer, having it installed is totally unnecessary. Even if we deactivate the program from the start of the system, it will continue to load some resources on the PC (tasks, programs, services, etc.) that, obviously, we will not need. Also, if we have it downloaded from the Microsoft Store, it will be updated automatically when there are new versions. Something totally unnecessary.

Therefore, the best thing we can do if we are not going to use the program’s chat or video calls is to delete it from the PC. Skype appears registered as one more program installed on the PC. Therefore, to delete it, what we have to do is open the Windows Settings menu again (remember, Windows + I), and go to the Applications> Applications and features section.

Here we will look for the Skype entry, and by clicking on it we will uninstall it from our computer.

Once uninstalled, the program will no longer be available, so it will no longer be able to load automatically when you log into Windows. If we need it again in the future, we can download it completely free of charge both from the Microsoft Store and from its website.

In addition, for sporadic use, instead of reinstalling this program we can resort to the web version. This allows us to make use of most of the functions of Skype directly from the browser, so we will not have to install anything. When we close the browser window it will be as if the program has never been installed on the PC.

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