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When creating and editing our website, HTML editors are tools that will be in charge of facilitating the task through programming codes. This is something that more advanced users appreciate especially, since they can have access to a wide range of features, as well as handle the source code in a more productive and efficient way. Therefore, today we are going to talk about which are the best HTML editors with which to create and edit web pages.

And it is that nothing better to get the most out of our website than an HTML editor that can be of great help both when creating the website and to correct the errors that we can make when writing code. HTML editors have a wide variety of functions such as syntax highlighting, version control, autosave, code folding, among other options to create a perfect website.

What is an HTML editor and what is it for?

HTML (Hypertext Market Language), is the code that makes any web page work, using tags to define each of the elements that compose it. It is a language designed to be easy to learn and use, being able to translate into other languages ​​such as CSS, XML or JavaScript. In general, any user interested in developing the web begins by learning HTML as it is easier to learn compared to other languages.

In order for us to obtain good results, there are code editing programs that will allow us to obtain additional tools that will help us to make any programming with large amounts of code less complicated. Therefore, among the characteristics of a good HTML editor we will find functions such as syntax highlighting, autocompletion, error detection, FTP support, among others.

When to use an HTML editor

An HTML editor should be an infallible tool for both beginners and experts, since we surely need to use a professional program with which to carry out our work. That is why use is always recommended in all cases . With your help we will achieve that, with less effort, we can have a more functional and clean code. Although it is true that tools such as WordPress incorporate their own HMTL interface, the truth is that this can help us to edit existing material, but we will hardly be able to create new HTML elements or code themes or plugins.

Differences between textual HTML editors and WYSIWYG HTML editors

It is also important to know that there are two types of text editors. We can find textual HTML editors and WYSIWYG HTML editors

Textual HTML editor

As you would expect from its name, a textual HTML editor is text-based so it is essential that we have knowledge of HTML to be able to use it. With this type of publisher we will obtain greater freedom when using it, as well as obtain personalized options, achieving a better optimization of the page in order to be located by search engines.

WYSIWYG editor

WYSIWYG is the acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”, which in Spanish can be translated as “What you see is what you get.” This means that we are facing editors that include their own visual interface in a very similar way to what a word processor would be, where we can add images and text and customize them with different formats, styles, fonts, among other configurations. That is why, to use it, it is not necessary to have knowledge of HTML, so it is ideal for inexperienced users.

When to use an HTML or WYSIWYG Editor

Possibly we will need an HTML editor when we are learning to code in HTML or we need to edit a file in HTML or CSS. Also when we need a professional tool that can help us reduce errors when writing code or when a word processor or text editor is no longer enough. On the contrary, if what we need is to generate HTML quickly and without touching the code, a WYSIWYG editor is the best option.

Best free HTML editors

Here is a list of the most popular HTML editors with which to create and edit web pages.

Atom, suitable for all types of users

It is a free and open source text editor that can be used by both beginners or students, as well as advanced users. It allows us to work with Git and Github directly, and through its intuitive interface we can compare and edit code between files.

We can also highlight that it has syntax highlighting utilities, contextual autocompletion and language autodetection. It includes support for snippets and compatibility with programming languages ​​such as C ++. PHP, HTML, JavaScrip t, among others. It also allows us to organize our projects by folders, use several panels simultaneously. Plus, it comes with 81 built-in packages and you can add up to 8,700 additional installable packages.

Atom is a free and cross-platform application, so it is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. We can download it for free from their website .

Sublime Text, one of the best options for professionals

Developed by a Sydney based company, Sublime Text is undoubtedly another one of the best options for editing text for professionals. It is compatible with a wide number of programming languages, including HTML and CSS. In addition, if we master its keyboard shortcuts and its commands, we will achieve significant savings during our programming and debugging tasks.

It incorporates 23 themes and a total customization of the interface. It will allow us to jump to strings or symbols, define several syntax, highlight code, select several lines and do split editing. Although it is not the most intuitive application, it is capable of increasing the productivity of the programmer as we learn to know and master its operation.

Sublime Text is a free application, compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS that we can download this program  from its page . It also has a Premium version for which we will have to pay if we want to take advantage of all its functions.

Notepad ++, powerful and popular HTML editor

It is one of the most popular text editors that we find on the internet. With it we can carry out programming tasks, being compatible with various languages ​​such as Pascal, Ada, C, C ++, HTML, Java among others. It is a program that is distinguished and stands out for its simplicity, as well as for being very light, so that we can use it without problems on old or not very powerful computers.

Despite its simplicity, we are talking about a powerful tool that includes many advanced programming options. It is written in C ++ and uses the win32 API and STL for speed. It also allows us to add community plugins or create our own. In addition, developers can customize the functions and interface according to their preferences for better management and productivity with their handling.

Notepad ++ is a free and open source application for Windows, whose repository is also available on GitHub. We can download it from this link .

Geany, with tab system to facilitate work

We are facing a powerful, stable, lightweight text editor, aimed at programmers and that provides us with a wide variety of useful functions without affecting our workflow. It has natively support for more than 50 programming languages including C, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Pasca and, of course, HTML, among others.

This useful tool will allow us to perform functions that will allow us to streamline the work of our web page, such as syntax highlighting, code completion and autocompletion of XML, HTML and symbol list tags . It also has code highlights, keyboard shortcuts, the ability to undo and redo, as well as having a tab system that makes it easy to use for all types of users. In addition, the application has extensive support from the community, which allows for constant improvements.

Geany is an open source program, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems, and can be downloaded for free from its  website .

Adobe Brackets, ideal for those who are not looking for an overloaded program

It is an open source editor developed to meet the needs of web developers and designers. It stands out for its great visual appearance and for being compatible with languages ​​such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS, along with a complete package of integrated utilities, as well as support for plugins so that we can customize it to our liking.

Among its features, it stands out for having preprocessor support, syntax highlighting and it allows you to instantly see the result in our browser without pressing a single key. Also noteworthy for its ease of working online, without having to jump between tabs and files, making it ideal for programmers who do not require a program overloaded with unnecessary features. In addition, it receives frequent updates.

Adobe Brackets is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS and can be downloaded for free from  here .

Komodo Edit, editor for dynamic programming languages

It is a text editor developed for dynamic programming languages, being able to work with such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and RHTML among others. It is simple and easy to use, being able to completely customize its appearance to our liking. It has interesting functions to develop our website efficiently such as autocomplete, multisection and change tracking.

It should be noted that it also has a spell checker, shows abbreviations, predefined blocks of HTML code, macros to create shortcuts to directories and a file browser, among other options. It is also possible to preview web pages in browser, save templates, use command line operations, and debug files.

Komodo Edit is a free and open source text editor. It works on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac and various Linux distributions and can be downloaded from this link.

CoffeeCup, stands out for its clean and easy-to-use interface

We are now talking about a software application created specifically to help programmers edit HTML code . It stands out for incorporating a clean and easy-to-use interface, which can be used by inexperienced users. It has support for formats such as HTML, ASP, VTM, PHP, CSS, XML, TXT, PL and SNP. With it we can perform operations such as edit, undo, search and replace operations, as well as add, delete or change the name of tags and attributes.

Also noteworthy is the possibility of making unlimited FTP connections, HTML / CSS validation and code cleaning. Also say it works by working with CSS and JavaScript, we will usually get the website builder toolkit. In addition, it allows us to insert fragments for quick code editing operations, add Flash elements or create a web page with frames, among other functions.

CoffeCup has a free version that we can download from its website . It also has a $ 29 paid version that offers additional functions for those looking for a complete tool.

Visual Studio Code, editor developed by Microsoft

We are facing a source code editor developed by Microsoft that is characterized by working with multiple programming languages ​​such as C #, C ++, Clojure, F #, HTML, JSON, Java, Lua, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, Visual Basic, XML and others. Also, the program supports development in Node.js and ASP.NET. The application includes support for debugging, built-in Git control, syntax highlighting, smart code completion, snippets, and code refactoring.

The application supports the use of fragments, through which we can significantly reduce the time spent writing code. We can easily start the loaded application or attach the selected code to the main script. In addition, we are talking about a customizable program, so it will allow us to modify configurations from the design of the workspace to the configuration of HTTP or CSS.

Visual Studio Code is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS, being able to download it for free from this link .

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