Create, edit and review pdf files with these programs

The PDF files are becoming increasingly common as reading format on your computer, while editing is not an easy task because certain software is needed for this. That is why today we are going to the best programs that we can find to edit our PDFs, both images and text, covering all the needs that may arise.

The PDF files are portable documents were initially developed by Adobe Systems in 1993 and released later as an open standard from 2008. This file format can represent all types of documents on your computer and is compatible with Windows operating systems, Mac OS and Linux.

These files can incorporate graphics, texts, forms, signatures … as well as multimedia elements such as audio and video, include bookmarks and link to web pages. One of its most outstanding characteristics is that they never lose their shape, whether you download it from a web or if they are sent to other people.

To view PDF we can choose a large number of programs dedicated to it. But if in addition to being able to see them we need to edit all of them in part, we need more specific software. For this reason, today we are going to see which applications are the best to be able to edit PDF both free and paid.

Best free programs to edit PDF


It is an online editor for PDF that we can use from any web browser. With this tool we can add text to our documents, as well as annotations. It also has highlighting tools and shape tools such as rectangles, circles, lines, and arrows. In addition, it allows us to use a pencil to mark certain elements of the document, something really useful. It is compatible with image formats such as JPG, SVG or PNG, among others. Another interesting function is the possibility of rearranging the pages of a PDF, changing their order and adding new pages.

Best of all, PDF BOB is a completely free tool, and to enjoy it you only need to access its website .

Sejda PDF Editor

We are facing another editor of PDF files with which, in addition to editing and signing, we can fill in PDF templates online, as well as add or change text, insert images, create links, hyperlinks and make all kinds of annotations. Another extremely interesting feature is the possibility of transforming PDF files into Word format, as well as converting the files to other formats such as JPG.

Sejda PDF Editor has a free version that we can download from its official website . This version has some limitations, with a maximum of 3 tasks per day, documents up to 50 MB, compress files up to 100 MB, images up to 5 MB, combine up to 30 files and convert files one by one. If we want to enjoy all its features, we can purchase some of its payment options for days, months or annually from 4 dollars.

PDFescape Editor

It is a simple application with which we can easily and quickly manage and edit our PDF files, both images and texts. In addition, it will allow us to fill in forms and protect them with a password, make annotations, add watermarks, add numbers to each page, as well as merge several documents to convert them from PDF to Word or vice versa.

PDFescape Editor can be used for free online by accessing its website and with which we can perform the most basic editing options. It also has a Premium version that we can download to our computer for free and that contains many more options than the online version.

LibreOffice Draw

Draw is one of the tools that make up the LibreOffice package, designed to create anything, being an application specialized in technical drawing, but which can also be used to edit PDF files, as it will be in charge of converting them to their format to facilitate editing . With this tool we can carry out almost any editing theme that comes to mind, such as changing the text, introducing paragraphs, inserting photos, etc. Once finished, we can export the result as a PDF file.

LibreOffice can be downloaded for free from the developer’s website . Once downloaded we will have access to Draw and all its functions including PDF editing.

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

This application is a PDF editor with which we can edit files online from any browser. From it we can compress, convert, merge, edit and sign PDF documents quickly thanks to its minimalist interface. The tool works 100% in the cloud, so the editor can be accessed from anywhere and with little use of resources from our computer. Just drag and drop the PDF to be able to add images, text or draw on it. Both the website and the file transfer have SSL encryption so that our data is safe.

To start using Smallpdf Online PDF Editor we just have to access its web page and add the file we want to edit.


Here we find another interesting proposal in this same sense that will be very helpful when working with files in PDF format. In addition, we must bear in mind that it is a web application, so we do not need to install anything on the computer locally. Thus, if we opt for this specific proposal, we will only have to upload the file as such to the online platform for free. At this point it is worth mentioning that this is something that we can do both from the disk drive, and from a cloud storage service.

And is that PdfFiller is compatible with services such as DropBox, Google Drive or Box. In the same way, also from here we will have the possibility of indicating to the application an Internet URL that houses the PDF as such for editing. In addition, once the corresponding changes have been made to the document, directly from here we can share it with others, send it by email, print it, etc.

Therefore, as we see, this is an interesting free proposal for the simple editing of PDF files that will be very helpful. And that’s not all, since this alternative not only works with the PDFs that interest us in this case. As we are told when accessing it from this link, we can also work with other files such as JPG, PNG, DOC, etc.

PDF-XChange Editor

This app is a small, fast PDF file viewer and editor with lots of features . This tool will allow us to create, view, edit, annotate and digitally sign all types of PDF files. To highlight the possibility of creating PDF files directly from scanned images or text files, being compatible with all Office programs. Within its wide range of editing we can underline, modify the size of the images, add links and comments. We can even send the file by email without having to exit the application.

PDF-XChange Editor can be downloaded for free from its website for domestic use, for commercial use it would cost 42 euros. It contains more than 60% of the available functions. In case we want to have the complete options package available, both for home and professional use, it is necessary to purchase the Plus package at a price of 52 euros.

PDFsam Basic

With this open source, free and multiplatform tool, we can easily edit our PDF files. In this way we can divide, merge, extract pages, and rotate documents easily. One of its most striking functions is the possibility of both joining and separating different documents, as well as turning pages to create different compositions of files. It also has a PDF file mix that allows us to combine two or more files, taking alternate pages from each input file, both in direct and reverse order, which is ideal for single-sided scans.

PDFsam Basic is a free application that we can download from its website .


It is a free and open source vector graphics editor compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, with which it will also be possible to edit PDF files, through its Import text as text function. In this way it allows us a wide range of colors, export options and add text and images. We will also have rotation options. Despite not being a tool created especially to edit PDF, it does allow this work to be done additionally. Once the work is finished we can re-export it as a PDF file.

Inkscape is a free application that we can download directly from the developer’s website .

PDF Buddy

It is an online application to edit PDF, so we can access it from any web browser. With this tool we will be able to complete forms, add signatures, whiten and highlight, without the need to install any software since all operations are carried out online. To guarantee our privacy, it uses AES-256 bit encryption , so that our files will always be protected.

PDF Buddy is a free tool that we can use by accessing its website . In this way we can edit up to 3 PDF files per month. It also has an unlimited premium service that can be purchased for $ 7.99 per month.

Soda PDF

With this application we can create PDF documents from more than 300 formats, as well as convert PDF to Word. We can modify all the content of the file and customize the structure within our own PDF files. It has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function through which we can transform documents and scanned images into editable PDFs. It will also allow us to connect to clouds such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive among others, and perform most of its functions from any device using the web browser.

Soda PDF is a free program that we can download from its website.

Other professional paid programs to edit PDF

Wondershare PDFelement

It is a complete and professional PDF file editor that will allow us to perform all kinds of tasks such as creating PDF, editing already created files, converting PDF files to other formats, creating PDF from other types of files, encrypting PDF, as well how to combine different files into a single document. This application integrates the main cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or iCloud. Images and documents can also be scanned in PDF format for later editing without losing their original layout and format.

PDFelement has two paid versions. The Standard that has a price of 79 euros and will allow us to create, export, edit, annotate, fill out and sign PDF files. It also has a Pro version, which is priced at 129 euros and with which we will also have optical character recognition (OCR), compress and optimize documents, create and edit form fields, among other functions. We can test it by downloading a free trial version from its website.

Adobe Acrobat

We are possibly facing the most popular PDF file viewer and editor, not in vain it was the forerunner in terms of PDF files. With this application we can edit PDF files, changing text and images in a simple way. With the full page editing feature, paragraphs wrap automatically when you add text, lines, and bulleted lists with the editor. We can also add, replace, move or change the size of the images on the page through the options in the Objects list.

Adobe Acrobat allows you to download a free trial version for 7 days from its official website . In order to enjoy the product it is necessary to pay for the license. For individuals it can be purchased for 30 euros per month, or with an annual subscription of 18 euros per month. For companies the price is 20 euros per month with annual billing.

Foxit PhantomPDF

This powerful application allows us to edit our PDFs, in addition to having a wide range of possibilities. It allows us to export our PDFs to a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software or image file. We can also link or divide text blocks, as well as move the blocks, change their size and in this way a more attractive design. In addition, we can compress PDF images, eliminate user data and non-embedded fonts, as well as reduce the size of the files.

Foxit PhantomPDF has a price of 139 euros and we can find it available for both Windows and Mac OS. It also has a Business version oriented for companies and that has a cost of 179 euros. If you wish, you can download a free trial version from its website, for this it will be necessary to fill out a form.

Nitro Pro

It is an application with which we can create, convert, edit, sign and share PDF files. In addition, we can insert, delete and organize pages and combine multiple files in a PDF. It also allows you to copy and paste selected parts of a PDF file while keeping the format intact, or to create PDF files in batches . It has full integration with Microsoft Office and cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Another interesting feature is the ability to convert PDF files into Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats and vice versa.

Nitro Pro is a paid tool, which allows us to download a free trial version for 14 days. To enjoy all its features permanently, we can acquire your license for 159 euros.

Able2Extract Professional

With this professional tool we can create, convert, sign, view and edit PDF. With this application it will be possible to convert PDF files to all the main formats, including CAD, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, among others. We can also extract scanned PDF content using the ROC tool. We will have no problem editing all types of PDF content, manipulating pages and entering forms in real time. We will have the possibility to protect our PDFs through an advanced encoding process. In addition, we will be able to digitally sign our PDFs and validate the signatures we receive.

Able2Extract Professional is priced at $ 149.95 to purchase the full license. We can also opt for a 30-day subscription for $ 34.95. So that we can test and evaluate the product, the application has a free trial period that we can download from its official website.

PDF Architect

With this powerful application, editing PDF files will be a simple task. It has all kinds of tools with which to get the most out of our files, allowing us to edit, review, insert, convert and sign any type of file in PDF format. We can edit forms, invoices and personalized PDF documents quickly and safely for greater business productivity. Don’t overlook the presence of its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to unlock text in a single document or use its batch recognition to recognize multiple files simultaneously.

In order to enjoy all the options that PDF Architect offers us, we can purchase it from 49 euros a year with its standard version. It also has a PRO version that costs 69 euros per year, and a PRO + OCR version that has a price of 89 euros per year. If we want to test the application before buying it, we can choose to download the free package from its website.


This tool is perfect for all types of professionals who want to get the most out of their PDF documents. This application allows you to edit both digital and scanned PDFs very quickly and easily. It will allow us to correct both sentences and entire paragraphs, and even adjust the design for a better final result. We also have the option of filling in PDF forms, both in interactive form and on scanned paper to add text to the spaces we designate. These forms can be protected by digital signature.

FineReader has two paid versions for private users. On the one hand, it has the Standard version that is priced at 199 euros in a single payment. With it we can edit, protect and collaborate on PDF files, as well as create and convert PDF files and digitize paper documents and scanned with OCR. On the other hand, it has the Corporate version that has a price of 299 euros, in a single payment. If we want to test the application we can download a fully functional free trial version for 30 days.

Kofax Power PDF

It is an application designed for individuals and companies with which to create, edit, convert and share PDF files, so that we can work in the most efficient and safe way. With this tool we will be able to digitize paper forms to convert them into interactive PDF forms with fields, check boxes, signature fields and other elements. We can also quickly and efficiently convert Word documents and other formats to PDF and vice versa.

Kofax Power PDF has two purchase versions, Standard and Advanced. The Standard edition is priced at 109 euros and contains all the fundamental options for editing PDF. The Advanced version is priced at $ 179 and allows us to obtain a higher level of security, as well as additional functions of connectivity, real-time collaboration, security and elimination of personal data. Of both versions it is possible to download a free trial version from its official website.

What is the best program to create and edit PDF

The best option to create and edit PDF will depend on our needs. If our use of PDFs is occasional, it is possible that any of the online options such as PDF BOB may be satisfactory. If we want to opt for a program, PdfFiller is a great option because it has compatibility with Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, being able to indicate to the application an Internet URL where the PDF is hosted to edit it.

In the event that we need a more professional PDF program, we can always opt for the Adobe option, which is the most popular, although Wondershare PDFelement can become the great alternative for its price, 79 euros in a single payment and for its wide range of advanced options.

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