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When browsing the Internet, it is common on many pages that we have to register and use a password to access our account. Whether it is to participate in a forum, make online purchases in a store or access our bank, the password becomes a fundamental element. For security reasons, each password must be unique, long, and include different characters that are difficult for hackers to access. So that we don’t have to memorize these passwords, there are password managers like 1Password, which we are going to talk about today.

The purpose of a password manager is nothing more than to store all our keys hosted on different pages, so that it is not necessary for us to remember them. In the same way, it helps us with the creation of them, so that they are long and complex so that they offer a higher level of security. For this they have a powerful encryption system, so that we prevent them from falling into unwanted hands.

1Password main features

1Password is a software developed by the Canadian company AgileBits that is responsible for saving and synchronizing all our passwords in a comfortable, fast and secure way. This utility will take care of creating your own highly complex passwords to ensure that our accounts are secure. In this way, it will help us not to have to remember each of our keys.

One of the main advantages of using 1Password is that the application has its own password generator. This guarantees the maximum security of our accounts. With all the data it has stored, we will not have to worry about the password again since the application will be in charge of remembering it and entering it for us each time we want to access a certain account. We will only have to remember a password, with which we enter the application, and it will take care of the rest.

Another function that we can find is the rescue of passwords, as well as the presence of a personal safe that we can share with family and friends, or to create credentials for our employees. In addition to logins, it also allows you to store private notes, credit cards, identity documents, PDF documents, driver’s licenses, passports, software license or our router key.

From the Watchtower column we will be able to manage the application’s resources. In it they will show us the web pages that could be compromised, the passwords that it considers vulnerable, as well as the reused or weak ones. It will also show us the websites that it considers unsafe and the possibility of enabling Two-Factor Authentication, so that we can check which elements are compatible with a second factor of authentication.

Manage documents and passwords with this manager

Once we run the application from where we can log in with our account or create a new account that we can try for 30 days.

By clicking on “Try it FREE”, it will open our browser to insert our email and a master password . Once the account is created, it will offer us to download an «Emergency Kit» in PDF format, which will help us to restore our account in case we forget the master password. Once finished, we can start managing our account from the browser or use the application.

Already in the application we log into our 1Password account and on the next screen it will offer us different options to add our account. The easiest way is through the Emergency Kit in PDF that we have downloaded, as it will be enough to add it and then enter the master password that we have registered. Once entered, click on Login to bring up its main menu.

Once in the main menu, the next thing to do is create a new vault and for this we click on the “1Password” tab and then on “New vault on this PC”. We introduce a name and a password and a folder to synchronize with the vault and click on «Create vault». Once created we must provide elements to save . To do this, we will click on the plus button (+) located at the top and a list of elements that we can save will open (cards, passwords, notes, documents, etc). We select, for example, Notes we give it a name and a content and once finished we click on Save so that it is stored within our vault.

Download 1Password

1Password is a service that works by paying for a subscription, although we can try it for free for 30 days, downloading the application from its website . This password manager is multi-device, so we can use it through an application on Windows, Linux and macOS, as well as on mobile devices such as iOS and Android. It also has an extension for the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave) and access our account online from any computer.

1Password plans and pricing

For domestic use, 1Password has two price plans depending on whether it is aimed at a person or at the family level:

  • Personal : has a price of $ 2.99 per month with annual billing. Includes apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS, with unlimited passwords and items, and 1GB of document storage. It also includes two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection and 365-day item history to restore deleted passwords.
  • Family : It is priced at $ 4.99 per month with billing. It includes all the 1Password features that we can share with 5 members of our family and invite more for $ 1 each. We can manage what family members can see and do and recover the accounts of family members who have lost access.

Other password managers

If we are looking for a password manager, we propose a couple of alternatives to 1Password that we should know:


It is a very popular password manager that has strong 256-bit AES encryption to guarantee the best level of security. It also allows us to create automatic and random passwords in case we do not want to create them ourselves. We will only need an email and a master password to use it. We can sign up for LastPass in its free version from this link .


It is an open source and multi-system password management program, so we can use it on Windows, Mac or Linux, and it can be accessed both by application and by web browser. Its features include cloud synchronization, support for add-ons, as well as having keyboard shortcuts to access its functions. In addition, it offers compatibility with cloud services, allowing you to synchronize password files between different computers. We can download it for free from here .

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