Combine cells in google sheets to organize spreadsheets

When we have to work with numerical data on the PC, one of the best solutions is to use a spreadsheet program. We have several options here such as Microsoft Excel that integrates into Office, or Google Sheets. This last option also has the possibility of combining cells so that we can organize the spreadsheets.

In fact, these are two of the most used programs in this sense around the world, since they offer all kinds of functions for numbers. Therefore, in these lines we want to focus on the proposal presented by the search giant. Specifically, we are going to show you how to merge cells, all in order to keep the spreadsheet well organized and easier to understand.

Sheets, Google’s online spreadsheet

If you still do not know Sheets, you should know that it is the Google spreadsheet. With it we can carry out all kinds of operations and calculations. This application has little to envy the popular Microsoft Excel. With it we can perform all kinds of tasks such as creating lists and graphs, making dynamic tables, using conditional formatting, using formulas, etc. In addition, it has a differential function such as online collaboration, not in vain it is a 100% online application, which will allow us to work online.

Being a 100% online application, if we want to start working with Google Sheets, it will not be necessary to download or install any program. It will only be necessary to have a Google account that we can create completely free of charge. This enables us to work with all Google documents online, which is gradually adding new functionalities that allow us to work more and more comfortably and efficiently.

Sheets has the ability to combine cells, making it a perfect way to keep our spreadsheet well organized. It is characterized by being easy to understand and to implement. In general, its most common use is usually carried out in the headings, to be able to identify the content in several columns. Although it is something that can be done perfectly anywhere on the sheet that requires it. This type of task allows us to manage the data in a much more complete way, taking into account the way the data is recorded, so it can be very useful for us.

And is that the combination of data in a cell is something that any user should know and know how to use. This is because data sources almost always require editing and cleaning to be useful, so it will be necessary to be able to combine or merge cells. To perform this function, it will only be necessary to have two or more cells that contain data and a destination cell to display the data.

How to combine cells from spreadsheets in Google Sheets

As we have mentioned, one of the characteristics of this Google program is that it works in the cloud, so we access it from the web browser . For this, all we need is to have a Google account and click on this link . The next thing is to choose if we want to opt for the “Personal” account and from it we can create, edit and collaborate from anywhere and for free, or opt for Google Workspace, which is the option for companies.

Mark the cells that we want to combine and use the different blending modes

Therefore, once we open the Sheets document in which we are working and that contains the data that we are preparing to merge, we will have to perform the corresponding functions to be able to combine the desired cells. Thus, the first thing we do on the sheet is to mark the cells that we are going to combine with the mouse.

After this, we go to the menu “Format / Combine cells”, where we find three options for this task that we are carrying out. On the one hand we can “Combine all”, which merges all cells into one, either horizontally or vertically. We also find “Combine horizontally” that merges the selected cells in a row, and “Combine vertically”, which does so but in a column.

Merge cells in Google Sheets and organize your sheets

So depending on the direction the cells are, we may not be able to merge horizontally or vertically. Once we have selected the appropriate or permitted option, a warning will appear on the screen in the event that there is data in the cells that we are trying to merge. This informs us that only the content in the leftmost cell will remain after the combination of cells.

We must bear in mind that the content of all the others is deleted in the process, so we click on “Accept” to continue. In this way, once the process has been completed, which is immediate, all the marked cells will be joined into a larger one, depending on the number. Likewise, this new cell that is generated will cover the length of the previously selected ones.

Say that this is a function that will be very helpful when entering and working with texts, as well as with numerical data in the spreadsheet . This will open a wide range of possibilities, since we will not see the limitation of a conventional cell when entering data. Once we are introducing new content in the new large cell, we can align them based on our needs. We achieve this through the alignment function that we find in the upper controls of the Sheets interface.

To finish we will tell you that to undo the combination, we go to the same menu option after marking it, and we now opt for “Separate”. Also, another similar function to better work with cells here, is to be able to delete or add several rows or columns in one go.

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