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In these times, the Internet is an important part of many regular users of technology. Both professionally and for leisure, this is an element that has become essential for many, where connection is key. To manage, for example, the WiFi we have, programs such as Wifinian, which we will talk about , will be very useful .

And the thing is that in order to have the best online experience, not only does the type of connection or bandwidth contracted count. At the same time, it is very important that our PC or mobile device connects in the best way. Especially if we do this via WiFi, we do not always get the results we originally hoped for. As surely many of you have experienced on more than one occasion, WiFi does not always work as it should.

It may be the case that the wireless Internet connection does not work optimally. The reasons for all this can be several, on the one hand we can find that the signal appears lower than usual. We can also find unexpected and annoying disconnections, or with significant differences in upload and download speeds, among other things.

The truth is that Windows 10 itself, when it comes to controlling this connectivity, does not present us with many options or features. For example, to see the available WiFi networks and connect to them, we can click on the corresponding button on the taskbar.

Advantages of using Wifinian

But if what we want is to go one step further in this sense and with the wireless connectivity of our PC, we will have to use external solutions. This is precisely the case of Wifinian, a program that allows us to directly see the strength of the WiFi signal . At the same time it will allow us to automatically switch to the best connection, etc.

Keep in mind that we have several internal operating system commands that allow us to carry out certain ping checks in order to determine the status of the connection. What is already a bit more difficult is to check the quality of the network strength between the computer and the router. Therefore, just by installing Wifinian on our Windows computer, we can quickly find out the strength of the WiFi signal. In addition, all this in a simple way thanks to the user interface that the Wifinian application offers us.

First of all we must know that once we have downloaded and installed it in Windows, this is a tool that is run from the taskbar. In it, it creates a new icon that corresponds to the program as such and from which we use it. Therefore, just by clicking on it, a compact user interface is displayed that lists all the available networks in the system.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that unlike other programs for managing networks, Wifinian only shows those stored on the computer. What this means is that we will not see those available at that time, but those WiFi networks to which we have connected in the past and they were saved. In this way we avoid seeing the networks of neighbors or other wireless access points that almost never do us any good.

How to get more out of WiFi with Wifinian

So each connection that appears in the list has its name and the network adapter that are located next to this side. In turn, we will have the opportunity to see the strength of the WiFi signal under the name, which is what interests us most in this case. Something that we must also take into account is that the intensity of the signal that is seen in the first instance may be different when we connect to it. That is, the intensity varies once we connect to it, compared to what is shown in the initial list.

Therefore, to connect to any of those listed, we just have to click on the box for that specific network. Also mention that the current network is highlighted with a lighter background than the rest, and if there is no connection available, the background is darkened to indicate the status. We have also probably seen that Wifinian has a circle in the upper left of its interface. It rotates when we open the program interface, indicating that it is scanning the system for stored networks.

But if we want to save this step and make it load faster, we have to click on the Rush option that is located next to the circle. Say the number next to it represents how often it will search for other available connections, by default it does this every 30 seconds. But this is a value that we can customize.

Other options to adapt Wifinian to our needs

On the other hand, if we have several connections available and we want to use the best one, that is, the one with the highest power, we can do it automatically. To do this, what you do is activate the option called Engage. The value indicated here defines the minimum signal strength, from 50% to 90% to connect to the highest.

Each network that appears in the program has two options under it, the so-called Auto Connect that allows the PC to connect to the network when a connection is available. We also see Auto Switch that is enabled together with Engage so that the program changes to the best available network force when we enable it.

Alternatives to Wifinian

  • LAN Speed: this is a program that we can download from here and that allows us to see the status of the connections. Therefore, what this solution really presents us is by checking first-hand the transfer speed that we can obtain on the PC with the current connection.
  • NetSpeedMonitor: here we are faced with another similar software solution that is installed on the Windows taskbar. Thus, what it tells us is the information regarding the speed of our connection, both upstream and downstream. In order to get hold of the program as such, we do it from here .

Download Wifinian for free

Wifinian is a free and open source software that we can find both in its installable and portable versions. This second version stores its configuration in the AppData folder, although both require .NET to work. Thus, in order to test everything discussed, we only have to download the program from here .

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