Apply a stamp to your most important pdfs with thess programs

The use of PDF files is becoming more and more common since it is a file format that provides great advantages. For this, different software tools are used with which to perform different operations. One of the possibilities is to add different types of stamps in a personalized way to show priority in the document. That is why today we are going to see which are the best programs that will allow us to add stamps to our PDF files.

Many of the applications that allow us to stamp PDF documents have a wide variety of predefined stamps and they will also allow us to create our own custom stamps by just importing the stamp structure in PDF and image form. With this we will achieve an ideal way to identify and restrict access to our document.

What are stamps in PDF documents

When working with PDF documents, we may sometimes want to indicate to the recipient an urgency for the article, or that it should be read exclusively by certain people. For this, there is the possibility of adding a Seal, which can contain anything we want, such as a text, a drawing or an image, so that it can powerfully attract the attention of users.

When we talk about applying a stamp to a PDF, we are basically referring to the same thing we do on a paper document. For this we use programs for viewing or editing PDF files that have a list of predefined stamps or allow us to create our own. In addition, we can also find dynamic stamps that do not allow us to indicate the name, date and time on our stamp.

Useful and essential programs to seal PDF files

To have the possibility of sealing our PDF documents we can use one of the programs that we will see below. Most of the softwares are free, so we will have the possibility to try them to find out which one best suits our needs without having to pay a single euro. In other cases we can download trial versions, to be able to use it previously, before going through the checkout.

Acrobat Reader DC, the most popular PDF viewer

It is possibly the most popular PDF file reader on the market, completely free and that will allow us to add stamps to the files. It has a wide range of built-in stamps, such as Signature Stamps here, Dynamic Stamps, Business Stamps, among others. It also has the possibility of making dynamic stamps that are capable of showing us personalized information such as date, time, name, etc. There is also the option of making personalized stamps, as we will have the possibility of importing stamps in the form of a PDF document.

This reader will allow us to read any PDF document, although not edit it. It also contains a wide number of tools for better document viewing, such as one-page view, two-page view, zoom, etc. It also has measurement tools, the possibility of adding comments and making digital signatures.

Acrobat Reader DC is a free application that we can download from here.

Foxit Reader, the great alternative to Acrobat Reader

It is a multiplatform and free software whose main use is the viewing of PDF documents. Its characteristics include the presence of a reading, zoom, marking mode, among others. It also has the possibility of incorporating dynamic stamps such as the Revised or Received, as well as the Sign here. In addition, it has the Standard seal such as null, verified or draft. There is also the possibility of creating our own stamps, being able to import them both in PDF format and in images.

With this software we can open documents quickly, being able to have several open in the same window thanks to its interface with multiple tabs and allowing full screen viewing. It also has the ability to fill out forms and sign documents.

Foxit Reader is a free PDF reader that you can download from its website .

PDF-XChange Editor, add and create our own stamps

We are going to talk about a powerful free application that we can use both as a viewer and editor of PDF files, and that we can use to add signs, edit them in different ways, and even create our own stamps. With this tool it will be possible to create and convert PDF files to other formats, as well as to create, edit, view, annotate and digitally sign the files.

This software is also ideal for adding annotations, encrypting documents, as well as creating PDF directly from scanned images or Office-compatible text files.

PDF-XChange Editor can be downloaded free for home use from this link . It also has a commercial version, which includes most of its options and is priced at 42 euros.

Sejda PDF Editor, viewer and editor with a wide selection of stamps

It is an application developed as a viewer and editor of PDF files, aimed especially at occasional users in its free version. It has a wide selection of stamps to choose from and add it easily. It also has text highlighting and strikethrough, blackenings, signatures or text insertion. There will also be the possibility of adding images, creating links and even converting PDF files to Word or JPG.

This program has a free version, which is quite limited, but it can be used to test the product or to use it sporadically, since we can only perform 3 tasks a day. We can download it from here . The paid version has a starting price of $ 4.

PDFescape, complete online editor to add stamps

We are talking about an online application with which we can manage and edit our PDF files. It has a free and a paid version, and in both it will be possible to add stamps to a PDF . Its main features include the ability to add text, images, protect files with passwords, fill in forms and convert them from PDF to Word or vice versa.

PDFescape can be used for free and online by clicking here, which will allow us to carry out small editing tasks. It also has a desktop version, of which we can also download a trial version.

PDFsam Basic, free code editor that allows you to seal PDF documents

This is a free and open source application that will help us edit PDF documents. Among its functions we can find the possibility of stamping PDF documents, providing a wide range of stamps to choose from. In addition, it has the ability to annotate a PDF by adding stamps and comments. Of its most outstanding features, say that we can divide, merge, extract pages and rotate all kinds of documents. It also has the ability to join and separate different elements, as well as combine PDF files.

PDFsam Basic is a free application that we can download from its website .

Gaaiho Reader, free and with a large number of stamps to choose from

We are now talking about another free software with which we can add stamps to our PDF files. It is characterized by having a wide number of types of stamps. In this way we find both dynamic, legal, standard stamps, as well as Approved, Received, Urgent, Confidential, among others. There will also be no lack of the possibility of creating new stamps through images.

Another feature of this program is the ability to perform batch conversions, merge documents during PDF conversion, as well as protect them with 128-bit AES encryption by setting a password to open, print and modify, among others.

We can download Gaaiho Reader for free from this link .

ApowerPDF, the payment alternative to add stamps to PDFs

It is a software designed to work with PDF files, and that has a wide set of functions that will allow us to edit documents in various ways. Among its many possibilities it has the option of adding stamps to our documents since it has a wide variety to choose from and it even allows us to personalize them. Of course, the possibility of editing text, editing images, highlighting text, etc. will not be lacking.

The application has an attractive and easy-to-explore interface where the entire set of functions is organized in an intuitive way. Within its extensive content of tools it allows us to make adjustments to its content, edit text and images.

ApowerPDF has a free trial version that we can download from this link . We can purchase its lifetime version for 39.95 euros.

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