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As the saying goes, knowledge does not occupy a place, and the Internet is a place where we can find knowledge of all kinds. Of course, we should not always believe everything that we find here, since not everything that is uploaded to the Internet is true. We must be careful with the sources we choose depending on the type of information we seek. That is why using certain online encyclopedias that are made available to us is not a bad option.

As many of you surely know first-hand, there are many pages on the Internet that claim to offer the most accurate information on a daily basis. However, this is something that on many occasions leaves something to be desired. That is why as the years go by and the average online experience of users increases, each distrust more and more of certain web portals.

In the past, when doing a job for school, or simply to consult certain information with truthfulness, we used encyclopedias on paper. These were made up of a good number of volumes that we had to go through in search of the desired information. But to a large extent the advent of the Internet marked the beginning of the end for paper encyclopedias. Of course, what we cannot say is that this made the concept of the encyclopedia disappear as such, far from it.

Beginnings and advantages of online encyclopedias

We tell you this because we have at hand a good variety of encyclopedias on the Internet to consult. In addition, these are distributed in various types and cover all kinds of information. We can find encyclopedias of general interest or others more focused on certain topics such as art, literature, mathematics, cinema, history, etc. In addition, all this with immediate access and in many cases without having to pay a single euro. Perhaps the first that comes to mind for most of you is the popular Wikipedia, but there are other additional options.

This has left aside, with the passage of time, other now virtual encyclopedias that were the main point of reference when we consulted them on paper . In fact, it could be said that Wikipedia is currently one of the most visited Internet pages in the entire globe, but it is not the only one. The most veteran may remember the mythical Encarta, which was one of the first virtual encyclopedias that saw the light. This was a real revolution, and although it was sold on a CD, it was one of the pioneers of what is now the encyclopedia that we will see below.

Therefore, for all those who want to benefit from the knowledge provided by current online encyclopedias, we will help you. And it is that in these lines we are going to talk about some of the most popular as well as useful ones that you can use for queries of all kinds. In addition, all this quickly and without having to occupy several shelves in our living room.

The best free online encyclopedias

Next, we propose the best online encyclopedias to which we can access completely free of charge.

Wikipedia, the best known and most complete

How could it be otherwise, first of all we are going to start with the most popular proposal of this type, such as the aforementioned Wikipedia . It is more than likely that many of you have used this proposal on many occasions from this link . At the same time, we could affirm that it is one of the most complete in regard to the general interest. Therefore we can find information of all kinds. It is worth mentioning that at the moment it has more than 40 million articles, more than a million and a half of them in Spanish. In turn, we can use it in more than 200 languages, which makes it a proposal within the reach of most.

It is also interesting to know that its contents are created by thousands of volunteers from around the globe who are creating and growing it collaboratively. Hence, it is one of the most complete and powerful that we are going to find at the moment, updated almost in real time as events happen.

Free Universal Encyclopedia in Spanish, the global encyclopedia in Spanish

On the other hand, and if we focus on our country, we also find the Universal Free Encyclopedia in Spanish. We can access it from this link and it looks very similar to the commented Wikipedia. In fact, it could be said that it is a Wikipedia focused on our country, so its content is of quality and with a significant number of informative entries.

It is worth mentioning that at the same time it is available under a Creative Commons license and offers us a good number of categories, as well as a powerful integrated search engine. All this in order to facilitate these content localization tasks. At the moment it has more than 50,000 articles.

Wikilengua, learn to use Spanish correctly

Another proposal in the form of an encyclopedia with a similar aspect to those discussed is the Wikilengua. The main difference of this is that its contents focus on the correct use of the Spanish language . Therefore, it is very useful for Internet users interested in knowing truthful information on the use and style of Spanish.

As expected here we can find all kinds of information related to this topic as the best use of grammar. Of course, at the same time we find definitions, spelling rules, adjective lists, etc. You will have all this at your disposal from this link .

 Vikidia, the encyclopedia for minors

Changing the third we find a proposal of this type focused on the younger audience. In fact, it is presented as Vikidia is a free encyclopedia for children and young people between the ages of eight and thirteen. Thus, its contents and way of presenting them are especially dedicated to the youngest .

Thus, a simple presentation of the exposed topics is used and also all of them can edit it. At the same time, this proposal offers knowledge adapted to this early age audience with categories and vocabulary according to children. You can access it from this link .

Encyclopedia Espasa, encyclopedia for students

As many of you may already know by name, this is the digital edition of one of the once best-known encyclopedias on paper. Therefore now we can make use of the Espasa Encyclopedia in its own online edition focused on students. In this way, on its website, which we access from here, we find content of all kinds and formats. Therefore, when navigating here, we find text articles, videos, photographs, maps, etc. We also have many categories when it comes to informing us for our jobs and studies.

World Digital Library, history at your fingertips

On the assumption that you are a lover of world history, this may be one of your favorite proposals. And in this case we are talking about the World Digital Library, an encyclopedia on history that offers us about 15,000 articles that cover the history of almost 200 countries with entries dating from 8000 BC to the present .

We can locate all this quickly and easily through the powerful search engine that it proposes. We also find a series of categories spread over all kinds of topics, as well as a useful timeline . And in addition to the mandatory texts, we have interactive maps, videos, photos, etc. For all this we only have to access this website .

Database, the global knowledge project

Here we talk about a curious project with which users intend to collect, organize and store all the possible information. It is actually a general encyclopedia for all kinds of topics that has been around for a good number of years. It also contains a wide variety of topics that can be edited by any volunteer.

At the same time, users who wish to can add new entries with the healthy objective that they contribute their knowledge to the whole. It has a somewhat outdated interface compared to other alternatives, but it can also be used as a reference source. You can access all of this from this link .

Fandom, for movie lovers

And how could it be otherwise, movie lovers will also find their alternative here. Therefore, this is an interesting proposal that, as you can imagine, focuses on the entire cinematographic world. Here is included everything you need to know both about movies and series or new projects. You can also find more specific thematic encyclopedias about successful series or even entries from the latest games or the Marvel universe.

Therefore, those fans of a good part of the leisure sectors , here they have a very interesting source of information. For all this they only have to access this link . The truth is that we are facing an encyclopedia in which we can spend hours and hours consulting data of interest related to these topics. So be careful who hooks.

Encyclopedia, important encyclopedia in English

But not everything we were going to talk about along these lines was going to focus on the language of Cervantes. Surely many of you defend yourself quite well in English, hence in this selection of encyclopedias we could not miss another of the most important in the world, but in this language. Therefore, if you defend yourself, this can become another interesting proposal of this type that will be very helpful. And it is considered as one of the world’s essential online encyclopedias as a source of information. We can access all of this through the powerful content search engine that it integrates. How could it be otherwise, we found data corresponding to any type of subject with more than 300,000 references using the information that include sources such as the University of Oxford or Columbia.

All of this that we are commenting on you can access from this link, and as we mentioned, it is very complete but we need to develop ourselves in the English language.

Wikifaunia, an encyclopedia for animal lovers

And how could it be otherwise, animals in general could not be absent here, beings that are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. Wikifaunia precisely for that was created, an encyclopedia especially aimed at those who love animals, as I discussed. Therefore, in this specific proposal you can find all kinds of articles, advice and information about animals, as well as other related topics such as flora, or health.

For all this, it presents us with a series of interesting categories among which we can scroll to locate everything that interests us in this case. At the top of the interface we see the main categories, which in turn are divided into more specific topics. For example, in the Animals section, we will see information about dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, etc. Of course, we must bear in mind that we do not have a search engine, so we will have to develop here on our own. For all this that we tell you, it is enough that you access this link .

Biographies and lives, the encyclopedia of famous people

This time we are talking about an encyclopedia of biographies, where we can find all kinds of information related to historical and current figures. It will only be necessary to write the name and surname of the character from whom we want to obtain information and we will quickly find all types of information from his biography. It has an index of characters that we can access in alphabetical order, as well as a section of monographs and reports, which will help us to deepen our knowledge of some celebrities through expanded biographies and studies on their contributions. It also includes different multimedia elements such as photos, videos, tables, and illustrations.

We can access the Biographies and Lives website for free by clicking here.



This website is a reference for all those who are passionate about Art and History in Spanish. All its contents are made by authorities within each of its areas. It has a great diversity of topics, where we can find all kinds of publications referring to any period, along with the main events given in each one of it. Therefore we speak of a fundamental tool for students and scholars around the world. The website has more than 150,000 pages of documents, about 40,000 images and more than 1,000 videos that represent a broad journey through History and Art.

If we want to know everything about Art and History in Spanish, we can access its website by clicking on this link .

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