Adjust pc display parameters with hp display control

One of the most important elements of our computer is the screen. Therefore, both its configuration and its calibration are important so that we can get a better view of it. If our screen looks a bit dull, not too bright or perhaps too dim, then we should adjust its calibration. If we have an HP laptop, we must know that we have a tool called HP Display Control that will help us with this work.

Displays are usually configured with their factory default settings, which are often not the most desirable. We can choose to leave this configuration, or go on to calibrate it ourselves, trying to improve the representation of the colors that it incorporates from the factory, achieving more realistic colors. This does not require professional tools that cost a lot of money, and even brands like HP incorporate their own tool by default to do this.

Calibrate your laptop screen with HP Display Control

HP Display Control is a tool developed by Portrait Display, a legitimate company that is responsible for offering advanced color display solutions through different parameters to configure and that is installed in HP laptops. This function allows you to configure the brightness and blue light transmission levels through the Low Blue Lights modes.

This software runs continuously in the background so we can access it from the system tray once Windows has started. When clicking on it, a window should appear where we will have the possibility of a basic or advanced configuration depending on the depth with which we are willing to go.

Basic mode, to avoid complications

For example, within its “Standard mode”, we have the possibility of setting a “Light blue light” mode, which is responsible for reducing the blue light for our greater comfort. It also has a “Reading” mode. This mode is responsible for optimizing blue light and brightness for better viewing indoors. Or we can opt for the “Night mode”, which is responsible for clarifying the blue light to reduce the impact with suspension. If these modes are not enough for us, we can always choose the “Advanced” configuration, where we can make our own modifications in a personalized way and to our liking, to find the combination of brightness and color that best suits what we need.

Advanced mode, for the most gourmets

If we click on the “Advanced” tab, a new window appears with many more options than we can find in the “Basic” version. At first we find the “Modes” section where we will have four different settings such as “Standard”, which is optimized for greater color accuracy. The “Games” mode, which includes default settings for a better gaming experience. The “Photo” mode that optimizes the display of images and photography, as well as the “Custom” mode, which allows us to apply the settings established by us.

We also find a “Programmer” mode. From here we can select the hours when the light modes should be activated and deactivated automatically. We can choose whether to activate the “Light blue light” mode, the “Reading” mode or “Night mode” so that it is activated and deactivated at a specific time. If we go to the “Adjust” section, we can adjust the “Brightness” and the “Contracte”, as well as the control over the audio. Finally, in the «Color» section, it will be possible to configure the intensity of the Red, Green and Blue colors, as well as establish a White Point, which can be sRGB, Cold, Warm or Custom.

Is it recommended to use HP Display Control?

HP Display Control is a very interesting and complete tool with which we can configure and calibrate our computer screen to our liking. It has different modes, a basic one in case we don’t want to complicate our lives a lot and a more advanced one with the ability to manually modify certain settings such as color intensity or set the White Point. It also has different modes, dedicated to better viewing while playing or viewing photos, and even a custom mode. That is why it is a useful tool with which to take full advantage of the screen of our PC, especially if its brand is HP.

HP Display Control free download

We can download HP Display Control for free from this link . Once downloaded we will only have to execute the file with Administrator rights so that it is installed on our system. We can verify that it runs correctly by seeing that it is running in the background in the system tray. It should be noted that, although the program can be installed on other computers, even if it is not HP, although the program is optimized for the treatment of screens of this brand.

In the event that we want to uninstall the program, it is something we can do from the Windows “Control Panel”. To do this, we must go to the “Programs” and “Uninstall program” section. Here we can only search for HP Display Control, right-click on it and select the “Uninstall” option.

Other programs to configure and calibrate the screen

In the event that we are interested in the idea of ​​being able to configure and calibrate the screen to our liking, we can find interesting options on the Internet that can serve as an alternative to HP Display Control.


It is a small program with which we can calibrate a monitor without having to opt for hardware tools. With this tool we can make gamma corrections of our screen to obtain optimal viewing results. It features excellent gamma imaging from Norman Koren who is tasked with creating a monitor profile with a vcgt tag that includes LUT data. We can download QuickGamma for free from their website .


This program allows us to manually or automatically adjust the brightness and lighting parameters of our screen, so that we can adapt it to different lighting conditions that we encounter throughout the day. You can set accurately the setting so l as well as sunrise and choose the color temperature for more accurate colors. SunsetScreen is priced at $ 5 and we can download a free trial version from here.


This application allows us to control our monitor through Display Data Channel (DDC / DI), a protocol that practically any monitor currently has. It allows us to control and manage the screen settings, detecting values ​​such as brightness, contrast, amount of color (green, red and blue), monitor volume or sharpness. Also, you can change the screen orientation, frequency, or its black level. We can download it from this link .

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